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In parliament of Georgia there is a session in honour of an anniversary " revolutions of roses "

In parliament of Georgia under the chairmanship of Nino Burjanadze`s speaker passes the session devoted to anniversary " revolutions of roses ".

As broadcasts News, in a boardroom in a special box 4 visitors there are members of the government, representatives of judicial authority, the diplomats accredited in Georgia. In the governmental box there are the spouse of the president of Georgia Sandra Rulovs and spouse Zurab Zhvanija Nino Kadagidze.

the speaker of the Georgian parliament has passed deputies of a word of a congratulation of a catholicos - patrha Vseja of Georgia Ilya The Second in connection with two-year anniversary " revolutions of roses ".

Present at a hall have shown a documentary film W events of two-year prescription.

" I am proud of that was the participant of these events. But " revolution of roses " Is only the beginning of that main road which means restoration of integrity of Georgia, economic development and country strengthening. I want voice a regret because 2DAY near to us there is no one of the main authors of revolution - Zurab Zhvanija. It has much made 4 formation of the Georgian parliamentarism and formation of the Georgian state " - Burjanadze has told, being converted 2 deputies.

the Speaker of parliament SPK about the reforms done for two year, but, as she said, ahead it is necessary to make much still.

" We need to create really free and independent judicial system, strictly to protect human rights. In this direction still much should be made " - she has told.