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MERT: inflation in November will make 0,8 - 0,9 %, for 11 MTH - 10,0 - 10,1 %

Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation predicts inflation in November at level 0,8 - 0,9 %, in January - November - 10,0 - 10,1 %, is SPK in monitoring socially - an economic situation of the Russian Federation, published by the ministry on Wednesday.

According to MERT, in November articles of food will rise in price on 0,8 - 1,0 %, and from the beginning of year the rise in prices for them will make 8,3 - 8,6 %. Cost neprodovolstvennyh will grow on 0,6 - 0,8 % and 5,8 - 6,0 % accordingly. Growth of cost of paid services to the population in November in the ministry estimate at level 0,7 - 0,9 %, for 11 MTH - at level 20,1 - 20,4 %.

the Base inflation excluding short-term changes of the prices and seasonal fluctuations, will make, under forecasts MERT, in November 0,7 - 0,9 %, from the beginning of year - 7,8 - 8,1 %.

In MERT notice that from the middle of current year rates of inflation were slowed down in comparison with the similar period of last year twice, but the rate of inflation for January - October remains high owing to increase of level of social expenses of the budget, under more essential influence of not monetary factors, than in 2004.

Growth of monetary incomes of the population including off-schedule in connection with a monetization of some privileges, has led to increase of demand for the goods and the services, advancing their offer, is underlined in monitoring.

2 very high growth of controlled prices and tariffs in the beginning of current year became rather significant factor of acceleration of rates of inflation in the beginning of year, marks MERT. The reasons of growth of the last became more considerable, than last year, rise in prices for production of natural monopolies released 4 the population (gas and the electric power) for the purpose of reduction of their cross subsidising, transition of some regions on 100 % - nuju fee of housing and communal services by the population and reduction of grants of the federal budget, is SPK in monitoring.