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Office of Public Prosecutor: a consequence on " the North - Ostu " has not revealed the marauding facts

Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow has not revealed the marauding facts during the investigation on the case of act of terrorism on Dubrovke.

" Under the statement of relatives of victim Maxim Mihajlova for plunder (instead of marauding) money resources the Office of Public Prosecutor had been spent check and the remedial decision on refusal in excitation of criminal case in the absence of crime event " is accepted; - the press - services of capital Office of Public Prosecutor is underlined in a MSG.

the Lawyer of injured act of terrorism on Dubrovke Igor Trunov has submitted on Wednesday to Office of Public Prosecutor the petition W the request 2 the inspector on especially important issues which is engaged in investigation of capture of hostages in the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke, to be engaged in investigation of ostensibly taking place facts of marauding.

As Trunov has told News, as the basis 4 the petition references of relatives of victims as a result of capture of hostages have served.

the Lawyer has counted, as in matelah criminal case ABT capture of hostages the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke the marauding fact is admitted.

" In business it is informed on loss of $254 and 3150 roubles belonging to the journalist " the Baltic wave " to Maxim Mihajlovu who was lost as a result of act of terrorism " - it has explained.