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MERT: oil recovery has made 390 million tons, gas - 521 mlrd cubic metre

In Russia in January - October oil recovery has made 390 million tons, gas - 521 billion cubic metre, is SPK in monitoring socially - economic development of the Russian Federation, published on Wednesday on site MERT the Russian Federation.

Oil recovery by corresponding period of last year has increased by 2,2 %, gas - on 0,3 %, is ascertained in the document.

oil Export in January - October has made 210,7 million tons (decrease on 0,9 %), including in the far abroad countries on system AK Transneft - 157,3 million tons (growth on 7,8 %).

Export of gaz for the accounting period has made 171,6 billion cubic metre (increase at 2,9 %), including in the far abroad - 130,3 billion cubic metre (growth on 9,1 %), to the CIS countries - 41,3 billion cubic metre (decrease on 22,9 %).

" Decrease in deliveries of gas to the CIS countries basically is called by reduction of export of gaz to Ukraine " - it is told in monitoring.

" the Tendency of an advancing of rates of increase of export of gaz over rates of increase of its extraction is saved. Relative density of export in gas production total amount has increased B4 32,9 % (in January - October, 2004 - 32,1 %) " - it is SPK in the document.