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Yushchenko: we will not make anything that Ukraine will discredit interests of the Russian Federation

will not make anything that will discredit interests of Russia, the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has declared, acting on Wednesday at the international forum " the New wave of clearing of Europe - democracy and transformation " in Tbilisi.

" Taking into account the Ukrainian features, we should understand that Russia our strategic partner and our eternal the neighbour. Russia always will be from the north, and from the West - the European Union countries. We should generate the correct policy, first of all, concerning Russia. We never will make anything such that will be directed on discredit of interests of this country " - Yushchenko has told.

As he said, the policy of Ukraine will not come to discrepancy W interests of Russia. But at the same time, Yushchenko has noticed that its country in the policy should start with national interests.

" So far as concerns creation of new space, we will always stand in protection of our national interests, but thus to consider a real situation " - has underlined Yushchenko.

According to the head of the Ukrainian state, foreign policy orientation of Ukraine and the relation W Russia should not come to discrepancy with pressing forward of the country to integrate into the European Union.

" Integration of Ukraine into EU is not directed in any way against someone. It is the policy based on national interests " - has underlined Yushchenko.