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KAMAZ and German ZF Friedri˝hshafen have opened the joint venture in Naberezhnye Chelny

Open Society KAMAZ and German ZF Friedri˝hshafen AG on Wednesday in Naberezhnye Chelny have opened joint venture on manufacture of automobile components.

As the deputy minister of the industry and power of the Russian Federation Andrey Reus who was taking part in opening ceremony of the joint venture has declared, created on KAMAZe manufacture can use a mode of industrial assemblage within the limits of a strategic reference point of the Russian motor industry.

" the Government of Russia has countenanced strategic reference points of motor industry in which the separate place occupies participation of the Russian auto makers in world integration processes. The created manufacture quite can use the mode of industrial assemblage entered within the limits of a strategic reference point of the Russian motor industry " - has noted Reus.

It has given an appreciation to ambitious plans for development KAMAZa, naming its managers " active workers of the Russian technical regulation " and also has underlined the contribution of the company to working out of the first technical regulations in the field of motor industry which will come into force in 2006.

" it is necessary to note an aggressive policy of advancement of production which was selected by the company in the positive plan. Opening of manufacture of transmissions is a new word in development of technologies KAMAZa " - the president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev has declared in turn. Start of manufacture of such level, as he said, gives confidence that KAMAZ becomes more competitive.

As trustee ZF Friedri˝hshafen AG, the vice-president on automobile and special privodnoj to the technician Wolfgang Fogel has noted, ZF is the leader of manufacture of transmissions and special privodnoj technicians, and manufacture opening in Naberezhnye Chelny is the first step of the company in the organisation of release of autocomponents in Russia.

Joint venture of concern Zahnrad Fabrik and Open Society KAMAZ, limited liability company ZF - Kama (ZF Kama GmbH) is the first manufacture which is created on capacities KAMAZa W participation of foreign firm and letting out production under its trade mark.

ZF Open Society KAMAZ - 49 % belongs 51 % of an authorised capital stock of joint venture. The project supposes that the enterprise will let out B4 10 thousand transmissions a year, and in the future will master also release of bridges and distributing boxes.