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In Harbin the water fence from the river Sungari

In Harbin is temporarily renewed the water fence from the river Sungari is temporarily renewed, have informed the city authorities.

As a result of explosion at chemical plant in the city of Jilin on November, 13th the river Sungari proceeding through Harbin, has been polluted by dangerous benzene substances. In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday under the order of local authorities all water supply of a city has been suspended.

it has been Wednesday afternoon declared that the water fence from the river Sungari renews till Thursday as it is established that the polluted waters will reach Harbin in five mornings local time on Thursday.

" As arrival exact time 2 a city of the polluted waters is established, we hope that citizens can reserve as much as possible water by the time of waterpipe disconnect " - the representative of the city water company has declared on the condition of anonymity to agency Sinhua.

According to the government of a province Heilongjiang, around pollution concentration of benzene substances (benzene and nitrobenzene) in 28,56 times exceeds norm. Predictably, the poisoned waters will fall outside the limits Harbin on Saturday morning.