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a Number of opposition parties of Georgia has spent " mourning " a march in Tbilisi

Supporters of some opposition parties of Georgia declared on November, 23rd " in the afternoon of mourning " also have passed in the CTR of Tbilisi " mourning " a march in protest at marked on Wednesday in Georgia the second anniversary from the date of " Revolutions of roses ".

Procession W participation about 200 oppositionists W the black ribbons tied on sleeves has come to the end with meeting at Tbilisi university.

" To us it nothing to celebrate " - participants of procession SPK journalists.

" Actions of the government of Georgia do not have the justifying: when people are urged to extract to themselves a bread piece, digging in garbage in search of livelihood, the country leaders spend the large sums of money for pleasure actions " - oppositionists were indignant.

They have reminded that from the budget on carrying out of celebratory actions for a case of second anniversary " Revolutions of roses " in Georgia it is allocated over 300 thousand chests (about $167 thousand).