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Titov suggests to enter testing for drugs at employment

the Chairman of the All-Russian public organisation " Business Russia " Boris Titus suggests to enter obligatory testing at reception of experts for WRK.

" There are tests which allow to define QIK, a leah the person used drugs or not. We want, that 2DAY such tests were used at reception of the person for WRK " - Titov on a press - conferences within the limits of the All-Russia conference devoted to struggle of church, the power, business and a society against a narcotism has told on Thursday.

Titov has noticed that now in Russia already there are the technologies allowing operatively to reveal, a leah the person used drugs or not.

" We 2 were converted 2 the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation W the offer to enter such testing 4 the young men arriving in higher educational institutions " - Titov has told.

" People who are on drugs, should know that the way for WRK and in high schools 4 them will be closed " - he has added.

As they say in matelah " Business Russia " the organisation plans to carry out in 2006 the charitable action " you Will CK yourself - you will prolong life ". The action will consist in free distribution the express train - tests 4 independent diagnostics of socially dangerous diseases - a hepatitis, a HIV, drug addictions.