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Georgia intends to make Russia new demands within the limits of the WTO

One of questions which will be discussed at conference of member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in Hong Kong (China) 13 - on December, 18th, there are mutual relations of Georgia and Russia and its introduction into the WTO. ABT the head of the Georgian delegation, Minister of Economics Irakly Chogovadze has declared.

" we have some requirements 2 the Russian side, and if they are satisfied, it will allow Russia to become a member of the WTO " - Chogovadze has told.

According to the minister, one of the requirement cores is that the Georgian customs officers and frontier guards have been admitted on is customs - check points the borders located on such sites between Georgia and Russia, as a site Adler, Leselidze (Abkhazia) and the Roksky tunnel (Tshinvalsky region). That is customs and boundary control on these sites should be carried out W participation of the Georgian party, reports News - Georgia.

Russia and Georgia have signed the report on end of bilateral negotiations within the limits of the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO on May, 28th, 2004.