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The divisional from Altay territory became one of the best in Russia

It it has appeared 30 - summer divisional OVD of Rebrihinsky area Evgenie CHRISTMAS. Since 1997 it works in militia, and since February, 1st, 2002 - the district militia officer.

competition passed in some stages. At first chose winners in areas. After that shown the best result have arrived to Barnaul to compete for a rank of the best local edge.

Evgenie has been awarded by a passing pendant of the winner and a valuable prize from the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and the monetary award from regional administration.

in the beginning of October winners from 89 regions of Russia have gathered in Moscow. Evgenie Rozhdestvensky has shown good result and in capital. It has taken the third place on special preparation, on knowledge of the basic documents regulating activity of service of district militia officers of militia, and the fifth place - following the results of the general competition the Best by a trade .

It is congratulated!

newspaper Edition congratulates all police officers on a professional feast! On behalf of our readers we give thanks for your hard service!