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I will buy the car national - Cheap, new and convenient

we Will be defined with a nationality

the Initially basic criterion for a national car there was its practicality. The car should be convenient for a family, simple, reliable, the main thing inexpensive. Domestic (on their automobile sites name " more often; BASINS ) They disappear unequivocally, more likely, antinational. Who went on domestic and by a foreign car, that understands it, who is not present let will try to compare. Soils for discussions here are not present, a question have removed.

the national car in concept of the European of the last century Volkswagen - and it is translated. But now champions of sales are Japanese motor-car manufacturers. Fluently having looked at our automobile stream, it is possible to assert safely that Barnaul citizens obviously prefer Japanese, - to Toyota . Though supporters Nissans Mazdas Hondas and Mitsubishi assert that in quality these stamps do not lose. By the way, repeatedly bypassing in search of the car an autoflea market and the parking trading in cars, has not seen any Japanese buyer. Probably, they too prefer the. Means, we stop on japonomarke.

to buy privately the Japanese With the big run across Russia - unequivocally is not present! Personally at me similar experience was. Run across the Russian Federation is not only our roads. It is our climate, our gasoline, doubtful butters and technical liquids, Russian desire to save on routine maintenance. They are ours samodelkiny and ours shumahery at the wheel. To the car in such conditions not to survive! A conclusion: we search for a car without run.

the Japanese without run even sounds expensively. To save for this luxury long, it is necessary to take the credit. Here with it it became now easy, and credit conditions in different banks it is separated only nominally, taking into account interest rates and payment for conducting the loan bill. The final sums at credit payment turn out approximately identical. For cleanliness of experiment we stop on the autocredit with a zero initial payment. It is necessary to be defined with the sum.

Under the operative data of management on work of Altay territory, during the period from January till September of this year the average monthly income of the Barnaul citizen has made 7580 roubles. We will assume, in a family two working, it is 15 thousand. It is more than half of family budget to the car we will not give, it will be fat to it. Seven and a half thousand is a ceiling.

Itozhim: the national car for the Barnaul family without run the Japanese at a monthly payment under the credit no more than seven and a half thousand. With it also we go to search for the car.

where to buy the car

the car Driven or brought for sale will not hide on garages and to try to sell only through newspaper announcements, be going to strain at last foot life feet in search of a car. Last years in a city there were many parking places, are proud calling of motor shows where are on sale svezheprignannye japonchiki. They work daily from 9 mornings, are in area of street Popova and the Pavlovsk path, is closer to an autoflea market. All the week-days long the majority of cars costs on these parking, and on Sundays a part from them expel sell on a flea market on 5 - 10 % more cheaply.

on parking it is possible to buy the car for cash or on credit under programs the express train - autocrediting of several banks. Here will write out the inquiry - the bill, will issue OSAGO and KASKO. That is it is possible to come in the morning, and during the lunchtime to leave. By the way, the new automobile market on the Pavlovsk path, 307 recently has opened. But sellers of cars do not hurry up to act in film from the untwisted place.

from - for dearness of customs registration of cars is more senior seven years to us drive basically cars 2000 - 2002 of release. Under windshields of these wheelbarrows the tablet with a treasured inscription " also flaunts;/ P . And the price list from 140 thousand roubles. Basically, to pay 150 thousand for three years - to us approaches. We look that sell at these prices.

continuation see in the following special issue Cars .

the Help

Where to follow a foreign car

the Union - the Car bodies.: (3852 69 - 12 - 39, 69 - 12 - 32.

the Car - City bodies. (3852 45 - 31 - 69.

Allsorts - Motors bodies.: (3852 46 - 12 - 16, 46 - 22 - 67.

the Auto world bodies. (3852 66 - 82 - 49.

Barnaul - Motors bodies.: (3852 36 - 17 - 82, 36 - 17 - 81.

Autoplus bodies.: (3852 43 - 88 - 16, 41 - 27 - 65.

the Autoline bodies.: (3852 69 - 91 - 33, 45 - 42 - 24.

avtomotors bodies. : (3852 36 - 28 - 94, 45 - 61 - 13.

the Inquiry

World famous Volkswagen Beetle ( the Bug ) Have started to let out in 1937 in the city of Wolfsburg. It has been conceived as the national car and became the first Volkswagen. C its manufacture has been suspended by the Second World War beginning: the factory was engaged in performance of military orders. And only in 1946 manufacture Beetle has been restored and started up by Ferdinand Porshe`s efforts on the conveyor, have adjusted a service network. Its victorious procession on the world has begun. In October 1951 - go it has been let out 250 thousand cars, in July 1953 - a half-million, first million - by August 1955 - go, the second - by December, 1957. Last the Bug has descended from the conveyor in Mexico on July, 30th, 2003, this factory in Mexican Puebla has started to let out Volkswagens in 1967. In total there it has been let out 1,7 million pieces. And for all last decades in 20 countries of the world it is let out almost 21,6 million Volkswagens - Zhukov . More than 33 l have started to let out model with the engine of air cooling by capacity hardly. With. And recently it has received the jet engine in 1350 horsepowers. The machine really became legendary: has personified an epoch of hippie, became cinema - and multgeroem.

By the way, known Russian automobile journalist Yury gejko informs that well-known the Bug five years prior to Ferdinand Porshe the nineteen-year student from Vienna has thought up. A leah the great designer has stolen idea of the unknown student, a leah has borrowed, or itself has guessed about the same five years later, there is no mention. And only after death of Porsche in 1954 the court in this business had been put a point: idea the Bug belongs to the Viennese student who has embodied it in sketches in 1926!

dear readers! If you had to operate, you have interesting photos or to you belonged the Bug - call to us on bodies. (3852 63 - 77 - 46 also write on www. alt.