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Service in militia - not about commissioner Reksa

Not the commander and the subordinate, and workmates

In the zone centre of film logic service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Altay territory of strangers do not start up a serial. It is no wonder, after all search dogs represent huge value. There are here and at all unique dogs. Speak, one of them has many years ago found the drugs hidden in a petrol tank of the car. It would Seem, aroma fuel should interrupt all other smells, but is not present! The dog has simply ignored it.

- yes for our dogs it not a limit, - is told by the deputy chief of the zone centre of film logic service Sergey SAVIN. It became my accompanying. To begin with we have passed in an office of the deputy chief of the centre of the lieutenant colonel of militia Evgenie BABICHENKO on instructing.

- our centre on this place is organised in 1992, - Evgenie Anatolevich tells. - And on a broader scale - that the film logic service has appeared on Altai in 1937. We have found this date in archives. Now at us duty 71 employee and 75 working dogs (not including a breeding livestock) here draws. To each inspector - the cynologist fixes two dogs - skilled and young. Unfortunately, the dog century is short - nine years for a working dog a limit. Then - pension . It always should have a replacement. Therefore the cynologist works with one dog and trains the second which then will come of it in the stead. Under the instruction, fulfilled the remove with kotlovogo contentments. And then the cynologist takes away the pensioner to itself home. If such possibility is not present - we look for good owners. We do everything that the dog has lived the life rest in heat and a cosiness.

at each dog - the a trade

In the militian film logic centre ministers dogs of different specialities. Them specially train on different lines of activity: search of the criminal on to fresh tracks search of the weapon, explosives and ammunition, detection of narcotics, search of human remains (it is usually applied when the murderer is detained after some years and cannot precisely show where the has hidden a body of a victim), detention of criminals. Many dogs can work on several specialities. Some pairs a dog - the cynologist ministered in the Chechen Republic. Two employees were lost: Victor Ponomarev has been killed in 2001 during search actions, and Vadim Djakonov worked in the Chechen Republic on search of drugs. In 2002 the car on which it went, was undermined on a gangster land mine.

search dogs - very valuable. And this value is estimated not by money. To prepare a search dog it is possible for five months. But to be engaged with it it is necessary constantly, differently skills begin to vanish. Therefore trainings here pass 2 - 3 times a week. The cynologist is engaged with a dog 2 - 4 hours. It is laborious work, maintain it not all.

whom take in cynologists

In the first day of service a dog give to nobody. At first it is necessary to be trained - half a year in the educational centre of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, and then a little some more months directly in the centre of film logic service. Requirements to candidates same, as well as in other militian divisions: the good physical form, excellent health. Age - till 30 years. But on a broader scale - that in cynologists prefer to take men and than women is younger.

- at us very big physical activities, it is a trade for young and strong, - Evgenie BABICHENKO speaks. - Days the cynologist with an ode from the dogs draws duty in one their militian divisions. Has then a rest. Some employees with dogs work for 12 hours per day, and then two days have a rest. But it if this day is not present trainings. If is - after daily watch goes here and is engaged with a dog. Weekly - polutorakilometrovyj cross-country, and then trainings. Try to run about with a dog on wood both in a heat, and during a rain, both in slush, and in a frost! However the most important thing not in the physical form, the main thing - the person should love dogs. Happens, we take on service of people without any experience of dialogue with dogs and they well work, give out the distinguished results! If the person loves dogs, it it is possible to teach to be converted with them and if is not present - all is useless.

it is very important, that the dog and the person have got on together. It consider at pair selection. If the dog is too vigorous and mobile, its workmate should be quiet and counterbalanced. And on the contrary. Thus they supplement each other.

on what are capable four-footed militiamen

That the correspondent Has seen, on what their four-footed workmates, inspectors are capable - cynologists arrange the present representation. The first number programs - weapon search. On the asphalted platform put absolutely identical nine black sports bags. In one of them put a pistol. The problem of a dog - to find it. For a sheep-dog of the Penalty and its instructor Vadim Fedorova this primitive task. The dog runs by sumochnogo a number and on the move finds that, with a pistol inside. A penalty withdraw, bags rearrange. And again the sheep-dog finds a pistol of all for some seconds. A bag does not touch, does not bark, and silently sits down nearby.

- the penalty is trained on search of explosives and ammunition, - tells Vadims FEODORS. - to Touch such subjects it is dangerous. A penalty and Vadim often leave on tasks, when telephone terrorists mine buildings. In the conditions of real threat of explosion it was not necessary to work as it.

On a platform expel shabby Tavriju . Now in it the spaniel with " will search for drugs; automobile BMW nickname. This mobile doggie has received the name knowingly. Its specialisation - motor transport search. With the cynologist Svetlana Kazakovsky it is on duty on the old automobile bridge through Ob.

BMW quickly runs all over the car, snatches on a forward bumper and selflessly it scratches. The bag with a drug is hidden there. Svetlana gets it and shows to spectators . BMW jumps up and it suffices. The doggie obviously does not wish to leave with extraction . It and carry away with scenes - hanging on a bag.

- we do not do of the dogs of addicts, - Svetlana explains. - We are guided by the theory of academician Pavlova. Depending on character of a dog we choose prevailing reaction - eating or apportirovochnuju. We connect search of drugs or with delicacy reception, or with a favourite toy. The greatest our good luck - on the old bridge in the car under a seat have found 2 kgs of 700 grammes of heroin.

the most entertainment performance - detention of the criminal. Its sheep-dog Mile will detain. On a platform the person in a special pea jacket runs out.

- stand, starting up a dog! - instructor Konstantin Gordikov orders. the Criminal runs further.

- Fas! - and the mile an arrow flies on it. Suffices for a hand and in a flash stacks on the earth.

- mile - the dog spiteful, - speaks Konstantin. - to it do not resist - there comes painful shock.

to me have allowed to walk from one of the best dogs of nursery - nine-year Heart. This huge good-natured dog together with the instructor Evgenie Proskurin has visited time and again the Chechen business trip. Was engaged in mine clearing of roads, searched for gangster caches with the weapon, searched houses of insurgents. Has once found out a hiding place with the weapon. There there were videocassettes with record activity Gangsters. Insurgents shot, tried to undermine the car in which went Evgenie with Heart. But both of them have come back home live and safe. our veteran of operations - so cynologists name Heart.

cynologists have opened to me many the secrets, for example, how to teach a dog to search for a thing, to catch a trace. It appears, the film logic service actually is much heavier, than in a serial about commissioner Reksa. But these people can be envied only - they actually love the business and are sincerely adhered to the four-footed workmates. And those look at them such devoted eyes!