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Barnaul has covered global warming?

- at us, probably, it is fast as in Africa will be! - the Barnaul pensioners exchange words on shops. - heard, global warming approaches? To see, has begun already

this year a weather has allowed grandmothers and grandfathers to sit up on favourite benches longer the usual. On a court yard almost the middle of November, and in the winter even does not smell.

- the temperature really abnormal, - speaks Boris LEKONTSEV, the chief of department of supervision of Altay hydrometeorological centre. - above norm on eight degrees. But such and earlier happened. So anything surprising!

It appears, over us there is an anticyclone. Warmly bear jugo - the western air streams. About the same warm November, under the statement of weather forecasters, stood in 1935, 1937, and more recently - in 2000 - m.

- Global warming goes, - Boris Alekseevich explains. - If to take globe as a whole, became warmer on 0,6 degrees in the winter (though it is not necessary to forget and about the human factor: in atmosphere our industrial enterprises throw out a lot of dirt and a smog, in which warmly jams instead of it is reflected from a pure surface of snow). Scientists assume that if becomes warmer on two degrees - glaciers and a permafrost will start to thaw, communications will be broken, and if on four - there will be a real crash.

at the senior research assistant of laboratory of ecology of atmosphere of Institute water and Galina`s ZINCHENKO environmental problems the opinion:

- There are climatic fluctuations, - she speaks. - for example, in the middle - second half of last century it was cold in the late autumn, now - warmly. Then again will become cold.

in hydrometeorological centre foretell that pljusovaja the temperature will hold on till November, 20th. So rejoice! In the near future approaches of winter and an establishment of a snow pall it is not expected!