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Alexey Kravchenko :

To Barnaul we were carried on abomination roads

Alexey KRAVCHENKO, by BORIS`S Lion and other actors from performance Another`s wife and the husband under a bed have arrived to Barnaul after a dinner. The road was distant: reached by the bus from Pavlodar. a direct line with readers was on the verge of failure. From edition it should be transferred to hostel. The lion of Ivanovich has fallen ill with a high pressure, and Alexey all - taki left to journalists, but was very angry.

- it is not necessary to photograph me, from the Internet get photos, - the actor at once has declared. - look, as I am dressed, at me a head wet!

when correspondents together with the director of tour tour Oleg have tried to convince him, he was upset even more:

- I then now though will dry up a head!

In some minutes Alexey has returned.

- Why at you such bad mood? - We have asked.

- I tired. At you the work, at me the. By the way, you to me do not pay for this interview.

- as you have reached?

- it is very heavy, abomination roads, the abomination bus to go twelve hours, something has broken in the bus. At Lva Ivanovicha very much a high pressure if to us, young, it is heavy to it it is even more difficult.

phone has started to be broken off from calls, Barnaul citizens hurried up to communicate to the favourite actor.

- hello, my name is Tatyana. Alexey, old actors can brag of good drama school, a wide experience. And about young, fashionable actors as you, we can size up only on serials. What drama school behind your shoulders?


- I have ended Shchukinsky theatrical school. Seven years worked Theatre of E. Vahtangova, four years at Theatre of A.Pushkin, and now I work in MHT of A. P.Chekhov.

- and with whom from actors you most of all liked to communicate?

- Thank God, with all. Worse when it does not occur. With all contact was good.

- and with whom from the masters who have already left from the big scene, to you has had the luck to work?

- I will note Elema Klimov, the director of a film Go and look (in this picture Alexey has acted in film in 14 years. - a comment red.) .

- Hello, my name is Sidorov Ljubov Ivanovna, me of 49 years. A leah you when - nibud played women? If is not present, what of woman`s roles you would like to play?

And. K:

- Well know, such question to me never set!

- Here Dmitry Nagiev, for example, plays woman`s roles, anything, what spravnyj! And you would play!

- me has not had the luck to play yet the woman. Probably, only in theatrical school when - that in independent fragments, and that it for the sake of a trick was. I am difficult for responding, whom I would want to play. hello, I your aunt - one of films which I madly love, therefore, can be

- Good afternoon, my name is Natalia. Alexey, you for the first time in Barnaul?

And. K:

- Is not present, I when - that came here on festival, it was about five years ago. I Barnaul also did not see that time, only any river to me have shown. We come to a city, and at me the first question: we where? Every day a new place, every day performance. It is horror, certainly. Especially if transport and residing conditions leave much to be desired.

- hello, I Tatyana. What do you think of such, as Sasha White from Brigades ?

and. K:

- When were crazy times I had many friends, as Sasha White. With them was about what to talk, they were not such freezed as them try to show. Unfortunately, life has dissolved us. One goes to work in theatre, others go abroad. We call up time in five years.

- how much beloveds were in your life?

And. K:

- Speak, the beloved is mum. For me it so. And if you about other beloveds Always it would be desirable to believe that it at you one. And further, to whom as will carry.

- hello, my name is Olesya. Alexey, at you holiday happens?

And. K:

- it is necessary to Work. To have a rest always we will be in time. Consider that I the workaholic. While I am aimed at work, it is a lot of plans. At theatre I have a new performance with Cyril Serebrjannikovym (one of the most fashionable and popular directors in Moscow - a comment red.) . But my musical group " will be the basic business; Guarana which exists for a long time, and, at last, we will make its presentation. We will rehearse, go by tour. Have already visited Germany, in the USA.

- good afternoon, Alexey, my name Svetlana. A leah you are engaged in business?

And. K:

- Is not present, I not from those actors, which restaurants hold. At me has not developed, probably, any crinkle does not suffice. And the desire is not present.

- And where you put up the earned money? Save for children?

- it is clear that bills are opened.

- In dollars?

- it is exact not in roubles.

- Hello, my name is Elena. When you have started to go in for sports?

And. K:

- Since 15 years was fond of track and field athletics, and then body building. But any titles has not earned. And now I keep the shape, only when at me shooting - I go on a diet.

- and what diets at you?

- They different. You give to an organism one diet, and very well. And the second time you begin with it, and he speaks: You then have deceived me with this diet, I the second time will not give in. Think out something else . Weight to type easily, and to lose much more difficult every year.

by the way, the report about the Direct line with Evgenie Chernyh, the verifier of the Kremlin diet, search in for Thursday, on November, 16th.

how has taken place performance Another`s wife and the husband under a bed in Barnaul, read in tomorrow`s number.

after the Direct line Alexey Kravchenko has chosen winners of competition on the best question: Love of Ivanovnu and Tatyana.