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The inhabitant of Barnaul refused to treat the daughter

- Now we will go to take away the child from an unsuccessful family, - the chief of inspection on affairs of minors Central OVD, the major of militia of Evgenie GUCH speaks. Is girl Natasha. To it two and a half a year. She does not speak, has hardly started to go. The babe is sick at once of several serious diseases, for example, a sharp pyelonephritis. At it curve legs, the urgent help of the orthopedist is necessary. And mother refuses to treat it. Even the local pediatrist in the house does not start up. We want to bring concerning its criminal case under article 156 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation Cruel treatment of children .

But at first inspectors on affairs of minors should take away the girl from the parental house and place in the second infectious children`s hospital. To remain with parents for it it is dangerous - to such conclusion militiamen have come after have visited this family with check.

the House similar to a shed

Tiny shabby wooden house looks so as if now will collapse. The inspector Inna Malakhov knocks on a dirty window. In a court yard the dog barks. To open to us do not hurry.

- I see the girl, - Inna Alekseevna speaks, peering into a window with a sickly geranium on a window sill. - here mum, rushes about, something selects.

It was necessary to wait some minutes. At last, in a court yard the mistress - the tiny woman of years of thirty has seemed. It also is Elena Nikolaevna K from whom now will take away small Natashenku.

- your Family consists on the account as unsuccessful, you know it? - Asks Evgenie Guch`s woman. - Our inspector was at you one week ago. And now we would like to look that at you has changed, in what conditions there lives your girl. Start up us, please.

the Mistress holds a dog while we come into a court yard. On a rope old dirty nurseries veshchichek dangle some. Around - different stuff. To enter into the house, it is necessary to be bent. On a verandah the small potato is scattered, any sticks, an old dirty tray, the basins, the broken furniture, rags roll. In a unique room - a terrible dirt and an abomination stench. It would be desirable to go out of doors as soon as possible.

this small room - both kitchen, and a bedroom, and a nursery. The ceiling has caved in, apparently, a little more and beams will fail. At a dirty table on a shaky old stool the pretty fair-haired little girl sits. From clothes - dirty stockings in stains and threadbare dark sviterok. The face is smeared by something, hair are confused. On a table - a piece of bread and a herring tail. The child it is indifferent looks at women in the militian form. As mother of the girl is quiet also.

what for to treat the child, it goes!

- After conversation with our inspector you went with the child to polyclinic? - Asks Evgenie GUCH.

- Is not present, did not go.

- Why, after all your child is sick, it needs to be treated urgently! Understand, it is very serious! We have an out-patient card of your daughter. Doctors sound alarm. You should show Natasha to the orthopedist.

- what for? It after all already goes

the Babe does some awkward steps and stumbles.

- you need to conduct urgently the child to doctors.

- without the husband I will not go anywhere.

Evgenie Guch and Inna Malakhov still for a long time try to appeal to the conscience of mummy, but it as got, repeats: Without the husband I will not go anywhere . And the husband works as the loader on the Old market. It has no time to go on polyclinics

Inspectors examine a room: smeared with something abomination a plate, the smoked iron oven, the ragged old refrigerator, dirty ware.

- why at you everywhere so it is dirty also things in such status? - Asks Evgenie Guch, having darted a glance at the beds covered for a long time not stirannym with bed-clothes. Why you do not wish to create the daughter elementary conditions? What at you in the refrigerator? A herring, sunflower-seed oil, mayonnaise. It not the most suitable food for the small child!

- and what I can make?

- Elena Nikolaevna, you mother, also can make much. But why - that do not want. The state will care now of your child.

I will not give the child

At the mistress the hysterics begins. She repeats tens times: I will not give the child . To it explain: the daughter from it yet do not take away. She can spend the babe in hospital, the place will be in the car. Even will back bring. And again begins: I without the husband will not go anywhere . Inspectors are nervous. Natashenka which for all time has not published a sound, cries.

- call the husband and gather - we will go with us, - Evgenie Guch is stretched to Elena Nikolaevne by the cellular. It is useless. Mother dresses Natashenku in old dirty clothes and lets out in a court yard. And itself tells to inspectors that money in a family is - the husband receives five with superfluous thousand roubles. And detergent powder is - here the pack of expensive powder costs. And to spend money for the child absolutely unessentially. It will not go to hospital - will wait the husband. Evgenie Guch in detail tells to it where there is a second infectious.

now without mum

we Try to set Natashenku in the car. It is an uneasy problem - the child does not understand speech, does not respond addressed to. It is simply indifferent costs aside. But here there is mum - in a light good jacket, accurate jeans and quickly goes to other party, without having said goodbye at all to the daughter. The girl too is not upset that mother has left. She on a broader scale on what does not pay attention, is interested in nothing. All road the babe sits in a lap at the inspector, indifferently looking before itself.

- I take away ten years children from unsuccessful families, but never saw such nightmare, - Inna Malakhov speaks.

in hospital Natashenku Tatyana Gudukina managing the first branch examines. It is found out that at the child, except whole a bouquet illnesses, also an itch.

- with it all will be good, now we will feed, we survey, we will treat, - smiles sanitarka to Ljubov Gileko. It almost accepts ten years here kiddies of whom parents do not want to care.

the babe so likes such attention of adults that it suddenly thaws also smiles. Sanitarka relieves it of dirty clothes and carries away in a bathroom - to wash. Is both children`s soap, and fragrant shampoo. The little girl bathes with pleasure, and then it carry away in chamber.

last night we have called in the first branch of the second children`s infectious hospital where now there is Natashenka and have asked, a leah came to it mum. Tatyana Gudukina has told that Elena Nikolaevna K did not come to see the girl and at all did not call in hospital.

- and we have washed the girl and have dressed up. It has appeared, it such beauty! - Tatyana Andreevna has told.