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The new car market

Sergey for a long time was necessary to a city:

Correctly do that take down. Old is pozavcherashny day. The new car market which would work time and again in a week, and every day for a long time was necessary to a city. And people had not to wander on a city, small parking places and other institutions in search of the car. And young judge Mishchenko has taken out two contradicting decisions in one day not under the initiative, and under the illegal order of the chairman of arbitration court of Altay territory fulfilling duty of V.M.Agaja. When the head gives to the subordinate the order it will work even at night.


For a long time it was time to construct the modern car market corresponding to requirements of the consumer. It was necessary to spend some days earlier to go round all parking places on sale of cars, and then to wait for days off when the autoflea market will earn. Now - has spent one day, but has chosen the car in normal conditions on a new car market. And about a toilet on an old autoflea market on a broader scale I am silent - without a gas mask you will not come. Cars stand anyhow, where domestic where foreign cars, at all you will not disassemble. And in the spring and in the autumn there on a broader scale it was better not to be put, since a dirt knee-deep, between numbers at all you will not pass. Last week was on a new car market - all was pleasant, all has arranged.


At last that there were people who have put an end to an old car market when you go knee-deep to a dirt, becomes not to a car choice... About toilets it is possible to speak on a broader scale nothing! To raise money and not to put them in business development - silly, for 15 years of work... They it is simple fools....