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In a court yard of the businessman have blown up a grenade

on November, 14th at half past three a.m. in village the Sleeveless jacket of Rubtsovsky area in a court yard of a private apartment house has worked an unknown explosive. On a scene there have arrived police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and vzryvotehniki from Barnaul.

- explosion has been made by unknown persons, - Oleg TOKMAKOV, the chief of the Rubtsovsky Department of Internal Affairs speaks. Presumably, have blown up a grenade of unstated type. On this fact the Office of Public Prosecutor already brings criminal case under articles 213 (hooliganism) and 222 (illegal acquisition and storage of explosives and explosives). Splinters hurt walls of the house, a bath and economic constructions. The blast wave beats out glasses.

- now about the house the cordon from police officers is exposed, - Victor SINITSYN, the assistant to head of the Village Soviet speaks. Inspectors of regional Office of Public Prosecutor and experts vzryvotehniki also work. The house near which there was an explosion, belongs to the former director of Open Society “ State farm Nikolsky “ to Sergey KAZANTSEV nowadays fulfilling duties of the assistant of the general director of Open Society “ the Miller “.


- a grenade were blown up by local youth for fun;

- someone from the former military men has brought a grenade from a flashpoint;

- there was a skirmish between criminals;

- someone wanted to intimidate the former director of Open Society “ State farm Nikolsky “ Sergey Kazantsev.

by the way

About one year back in village the Sleeveless jacket already was shooting which has resulted from repartition of the property of state farm of Open Society “ State farm Nikolsky “ between the former director Sergey Kazantsev and local businessman Sergey Koshmakom. The group of people of Kazantsev in six mornings tried to grasp poselkovuju office. Attempt is not has gone right - watchman Sergey Tarhanov has started to shoot from a window. And later there has arrived help - Sergey Koshmak and its relatives too have risen on building defence. According to some information firing lasted two hours and has ended with losses from both parties - on one killed and on neskolku wounded men.

from the file

on March, 23rd, 2006 in in Novoaltaisk on street of Cosmonauts, 12 “ and “ in 16. 55 in pump branch of a boiler-house Ή 1 the grenade therefore the operator of a boiler-house - the man 1977 was lost, the second operator - the man 1970 has blown up - is hospitalised in the central city hospital.

it has been established that the grenade in a boiler-house was brought by the victim. According to preliminary data, a cause of the explosion - casual handling of a grenade.

on May, 13th this year in Pervomaisk pΰιξνε, in village Kisluha in sanatorium “ Obsky reaches “ in 03. 55 there was a kindling in an one-storeyed wooden small house for having a rest. Grenade explosion became a cause of the fire too. The director of sanatorium " was lost; Obsky reaches “ 1967 year of birth which has been found out by the nurse of sanatorium. According to preliminary data, the director of sanatorium has committed suicide.

in the evening on September, 5th, 2006 near to apartment houses in a large forest in territory of the Central area of Barnaul the package with explosives has been found out. The dangerous find near to a garbage dump was noticed by the local resident who has informed on her to law enforcement bodies. To area of detection of potentially dangerous package at once has arrived operatively - an investigation team of Management of FSB of Russia across Altay territory, including vzryvotehniki. Spent by experts - criminalists of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Altay territory research has shown: the substance of yellow colour which was in a polyethylene package, has appeared trotyl. Gross weight withdrawn - 1 kg of 270 grammes.

in the morning on October, 9th, 2006 in the morning on wheel pair of a freight train at station Barnaul the grenade has been found out. The message on a dangerous find has entered a call centre of the Altay linear Department of Internal Affairs on transport. Employees of transport militia together with VOHR have surrounded a prospective place of explosion. After survey of an explosive by the sapper of FSB a dangerous subject have destroyed on a place a water gun. Presumably, it was fighting grenade F - 1 offensive action with scattering of splinters to 200 metres.

on October, 31st, 2006 as a result of operation which employees of department of military counterspionage UFSB spent the Russian Federation on the Siberian military district together with Management of FSB of Russia across Altay territory, in Pospelihe the big party of trotyl has been withdrawn. Explosive, weight about 40 kg, have stolen from military unit, and it was stored in an old shed in immediate proximity from apartment houses of a private sector of village Pospeliha. From two wooden boxes trotyl draughts in weight on 200 and 400 grammes, and also eight detonators nakolnogo type have been taken.