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How to Barnaul citizens to receive the earned money?

to us the inhabitant of Barnaul Julia LIZOGUB has come to edition and has shared the problem:

- I worked in a slot machine arcade since March, 16th. At first all was normal. And on May, 16th ours a point liquidated, as it did not bring in the income. Promised to call, offer work on another to a point . But neither a call, nor the earned money In July at last - that have suggested to leave on a new place. Has fulfilled any time, and was ill. For this period to me too have paid nothing. Promised - promised And it that needs to be got one, another. And managers on the personnel constantly changed. One has declared: you supposedly not at me worked, I know nothing! In this organisation of employees do not think at all! I not one such. Many leave either absolutely not not calculated, or not in full. To me should six thousand, the sum small, but after all I has earned it!

Unfortunately, such unfair organisations at us in edge any, and not two. And employees simply do not know how to beat out the blood money, many have given up as lost a heads arbitrariness. Today we will tell how to defend the salary.

1. When you get a job, necessarily conclude with the employer the labour contract in written to the form in duplicate, one of which needs to be stored at yourself. It should be signed the worker and the employer. In it, should be specified:

- the size of a salary. And in the labour contract the concrete size of the icon setting, system of surcharges and extra charges, awards, incentive payments and etc. salary Charge should be designated should pass through accounts department. If the salary part stands out in an envelope in case of any conflict, to you will pay only that sum which is specified in the labour contract.

- terms of payment of a salary. Basically, they are defined in the collective agreement but if that in the organisation is not present it is better to stipulate them in the labour contract. At each organisation terms individual, but are not more rare than two times a month.

(Besides, the labour contract should contain the essential working conditions defined by the Labour code.)

2. In case of salary nonpayment take the labour contract, and be safely converted into work inspection in Altay territory. There to you will give competent consultation, influence the unfair employer, and if necessary will help to issue the claim in court free of charge.

3. Also can be converted into department on work of committee on the industry, business and questions of work of a city administration. Experts of department will help to solve a question.

4. If the employer not vnemlet to inspection and department requirements on work, be converted into court in a residence (if a debt of more 50 thousand) or to the world judge (if a debt of less 50 thousand). To issue the statement of claim to you free of charge experts of inspection of work will help.

5. As a last resort it is possible to be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor also in the place of residence.

it is important!

Without the labour contract it is very difficult to prove that you worked in this or that organisation. And not the fact it will be confirmed with witnesses, your former colleagues, - to it after all there still to work. So demand a conclusion of employment agreement in writing within 3 days from the date of the work beginning!

by the way

If the employer detains the salary more than for 15 days, you have the right, having informed him on it in writing, to suspend work until the debts will not be paid. Besides the employer is obliged to pay monetary indemnification per every day of a delay.


For October, first of this year in Barnaul the debts under the salary have made figures hardly more than nine million roubles. In comparison with the same period of last year it has decreased for 53 percent. During has passed year quantity of the enterprises - debtors has decreased for 75 percent, and in 2006 - an ohm this indicator does not increase.

Useful addresses and phones

State Labour Inspection in Altay territory. Street Depovsky, 7, bodies. (3852 66 - 71 - 62.

Department on work of committee on the industry, business and questions of work of a city administration of street Korolenko, 58, bodies. (3852 39 - 33 - 56, 39 - 33 - 57.


the Central area, Lenin`s avenue, 25, bodies. (3852 35 - 44 - 36.

Railway area, Lenin`s avenue, 25, bodies. (3852 35 - 44 - 02.

October area, Lenin`s avenue, 25, bodies. (3852 63 - 66 - 47.

Industrial area, street of 50 years of the USSR, 13, bodies., (3852 47 - 54 - 66.

Lenin area, George Isakova`s street, 204, bodies. (3852 49 - 11 - 72.

World judges:

the Central area, street Silicate, 5, bodies. (3852 68 - 09 - 40, street of Kuibyshev, 7, bodies. (3852 67 - 38 - 50.

Railway area, street Silicate, 5, bodies. (3852 68 - 09 - 35, street And. Petrov, 237, bodies. (3852 54 - 94 - 46.

October area, Lenin`s avenue, 195, bodies. (3852 35 - 73 - 27.

Lenin area, street of the Soviet Army, 162. Bodies. (3852 40 - 34 - 08.

Industrial area, street Spring, 1, bodies. (3852 31 - 41 - 88.

Offices of Public Prosecutor:

the Central area, Pushkin`s street, 50, bodies. (3852 63 - 27 - 27.

Railway area, street International, 92, bodies. (3852 36 - 38 - 68.

October area, street International, 134, bodies. (3852 63 - 62 - 10.

Lenin area, street of the Soviet Army, 162, bodies. (3852 40 - 29 - 09.

Industrial area, street of 50 years of the USSR, 27 and, bodies. (3852 42 - 46 - 43.