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Gingema against Eminema

is a history how the little girl has got to the magic country, and we do not know, a leah will sustain this country its occurrence, - director Marat FREE tells.

the author of the play - his mother Irina Nikolaevna. She tells that a fairy tale the Wizard of the Emerald city was the favourite book of Marata in the childhood:

- I have saved a writing-book in which he in eight years started to write a performance, - the whole two pages. Already then the son dreamt to embody the book in theatrical representation. Its dream became a reality.

the fairy tale has turned out modern, in style of the country - a fantasy, that is the American, magic history. Elli it appears very fashionable girl, and Totoshka - the present live dog. The magic country is filled by monsters and other unusual beings. Here it is possible to hear, as the Iron woodcutter sings under music fate - groups Limp Bizkit, and the witch of Gingema reads a rap better Eminema.

- At these executors rather rigid music, therefore we have solved, what exactly they can personify all bad that is created in the world, - the director explains.

the wizard of the Emerald city is a history without morals, free on spirit. She tells to children about simple and accessible things. You want to come back home? It is not necessary to cry, it is necessary to struggle for the dream! To become stronger, necessarily get rid of loneliness, find friends and infect with their dream. And if you will fall into clutches to the terrible person, make everything to defeat and escape.