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To Barnaul citizens compensate expenses on habitation gasification

to the Grant for habitation gasification needy Barnaul citizens will receive, - have told to us in Glavsotszashchite. Is it is established in the decision of regional administration from October, 24th “ About the statement of an order of granting of single material aid to separate categories of citizens “. Now workers sotszashchity explain to the townspeople, it is necessary for them to give what documents, and accept statements on granting of grants.

if “ the exempt “ will confirm the right to grant reception, it will receive on gasification of the house or apartment the sum at the rate to 20 thousand roubles. On this money it is possible to get a gas copper, to lay a gas pipeline from a street network to own house. But this money will pay only after the house will be installed gas. All expenses then compensate - either completely, or partially (if the sum spent for gasification of the house, appears more 20 thousand roubles). Therefore, to receive a grant, it is necessary to save all payment documents on fee on gas carrying out in an apartment house. Statements and documents no more are considered than 10 days, then bodies sotszashchity are obliged to pass the decision - to give a grant or not.

Expenses on gasification compensate not only to needy Barnaul citizens, but also inhabitants of cities and edge villages. In total for these purposes from the regional budget it is allocated 5 million roubles.

the inquiry

to Whom grants

" will grant; Indemnification “ for gasification of apartments and private houses will receive:

·uchastniki both invalids of the Great Patriotic War and the categories of citizens equal to them, including minor prisoners of fascism;

·veterany and invalids of operations, invalids of army;

·semi, nurturing children - invalids about 18 years by which public service establishments mediko - social examination the category " is established are elderly; the child - the invalid “;

·mnogodetnye families (having three and more children about 18 years are elderly);

·maloimushchie alone living invalids and pensioners;

·maloimushchie families of invalids and pensioners;

·molodye families which participate in the regional target program “ Maintenance with habitation or improvement of living conditions of young families in Altay territory “.

Vyrezhi also save!

it is necessary to give What documents

1. The document confirming your right to a grant:

·uchastnikam and to the invalids of the Great Patriotic War equal to them to categories of citizens, and also veterans of operations - the certificate of the established sample; ·invalidam and to the families, having children - invalids - the inquiry confirming the fact of an establishment of physical inability or a category “ the child - the invalid “ given out by public service establishments mediko - social examination;

·pensioneram - the pension certificate;

·mnogodetnym to families - copies of birth certificates of each child and if children are more senior 14 years - a passport copy; ·molodym to families - the inquiry from the city or regional committee by training, confirming the fact of participation of a young family in the program “ Maintenance with habitation or improvement of living conditions of young families in Altay territory “; ·maloimushchim, to alone living invalids and pensioners, and also needy families of invalids and pensioners - the documents confirming incomes of the applicant and members of his family for last half a year a month before filing of application. This data is necessary to recognise the applicant for a grant needy. 2. Extract from the house register, confirming the fact of check in of the citizen or a family in the installed gas house (stands out at the moment of gasification realisation)

3. The document on fee on gas carrying out in an apartment house

4. The personal statement addressed to Central administrative board of the Altay edge on social protection of the population and overcoming of consequences of nuclear tests on Semipalatinsk range (under the form provided for rendering of material aid). In it the applicant should specify necessarily the address, passport data (the and all full age members of a family), and also the purpose of reception of single material aid.

the help

Where to bear the statement

Statements for granting of grants for gasification of apartment houses and apartments accept in committees on social protection of the population of administrations of areas of Barnaul:

Railway area of avenue of Krasnoarmejsky, 104 bodies. 26 - 07 - 70

Industrial area of street of Enthusiasts, 5 ph. 47 - 47 - 06

Lenin area of street of A.Petrov, 192, department of address support of the population of ph. 40 - 56 - 23

October area of avenue of Kalinin, 8 and ph. 61 - 01 - 45

the Central area of street Korolenko, 67 ph. 63 - 80 - 53