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The Barnaul drivers have appeared are not ready to the first ice

On Saturday, on November, 18th, the first has dropped out present snow. Cars with summer rubber slipped on liftings. On slippery roads cars fought. At shinomontazhnyh workshops huge turns were built.

- for us it there was the most terrible day, - Oleg VOLHIN, the senior inspector on propagation of department of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of Barnaul tells. - in Barnaul have registered 96 road accidents. For our city this record quantity. Ten persons have suffered, two have got to hospital.

serious failures was two: on the Pavlovsk path the Field has faced with Toyota . The driver of the first has got off with crisis of edges, and the passenger Toyotas - crises and bruises. And on crossing of streets Novosibirsk and Sverdlova bus MAN has brought down the pedestrian. The victim hospitalised with closed cranial - a brain trauma and nose crisis. At once some road accident has occurred on highway the Tape pine forest, at turn on settlement Southern. the seven it has appeared in a ditch, Toyota could not stop and ran into a protection of roadside cafe. Other failures occurred approximately so: the driver braked, but the car on its slippery road did not obey and ran into other car. The reason of such failures - non-observance of a distance and excess of speed.

- many drivers have appeared are not ready to the first ice, - Oleg VOLHIN is assured. - had not time to put winter rubber, and summer slid on to soap .

On summer rubber cars could not rise on the Mount, overcome lifting on the prospectus Krasnoarmeysk around shop Babylon to climb up the old bridge through Ob. Drivers have rushed pereobuvat the iron horses . At some shinomontazhnyh workshops stood in a queue to fifty cars.

By the evening on the Barnaul streets there was a snow-removing technics. Dorozhniki scattered pesko - a salt mix on liftings, descents, crossroads and bus stops.

- no work involving all hands at us existed, - Alexander DEMENTYEV, the vice-president of city committee on an accomplishment, operation of roads, to transport and communication speaks. - we have finished repair of roads, have repaired technics and waited for the first ice. The same day have tested in work three new snegoochistitelnye cars which have been got more recently DEU Railway, Central and October areas. For us it is event, after all we dorozhniki did not buy snow-ploughs already almost 10 years.

on Sunday road the situation in a city was stabilised. For days there were 29 road accidents. Anybody has not got to hospital. From the central Barnaul streets have started to take out snow. By Monday the agiotage and on " slept; shinomontazhkah - The majority of motorists was put by winter wheels.

- our technics is ready to struggle against snow drifts. Last Saturday in a city 38 cars, including snow-ploughs worked. Pesko - a salt mix we have reserved enough. During a snowfall, blizzards and snow-storms dorozhniki will work round the clock. To take out snow from the central highways of a city (including from Lenin`s prospectus) will be at night - not to create hindrances for movement passenger and an individual transport, - Alexander DEMENTYEV confirms.

soon ice will end. Weather forecasters promise that already to following days off will become cold to a minus of 18 degrees. Then the snow pall, and in the afternoon snow will be established not begins to thaw.