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Routes of the Barnaul buses

In " have changed; the inhabitant of Barnaul Tatyana Sergeevna has called:

- Yesterday got home by the bus 24 - go a route, and has suddenly noticed that it goes not on a usual route. It is accident or now this bus will so go always?

Behind explanations we were converted to Oleg YUDIN, the vice-president of city committee on an accomplishment, operation of roads, transport and communication:

- the Route 24 has been changed on November, 13th. Earlier from the Solar glade the bus went along the street Isakova, turned on Ostrovsky`s street and by regional Kardiotsentra went to city centre. Now from the Solar glade it along the street Isakova reaches Malakhov`s street, approaches on Kardiotsentru and further on a former route follows on the area of Spartaka.

Changes are brought in a route taking into account wishes of autocarriers and inhabitants of that site of street of Malakhov - there until recently the public transport practically did not go.

and changes are made to a route 36. Now the bus goes not to street Cavalry, and to a hypermarket Altai on Yurin`s streets, Popova and Malakhov also leaves on the prospectus of Cosmonauts.

since November, 21st movement on the changed route 11 " renews; Barmy factory - a hypermarket Altai . It is supposed that buses will go with an interval eight minutes. A route of its movement: Barmy factory - street Mamontova - River station - Lenin`s prospectus - Gogol`s street - the prospectus Komsomol - street of the Professional intern - the area of October - Lenin`s prospectus - street Severo - Western - Yurin`s street - Malakhov`s street - street E. Alekseevoj - street of 40 years of October (back on G.Titov`s street) - the prospectus of Cosmonauts (shop the Beacon ) - A hypermarket Altai .