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It is mountain - the Altay pupil has poisoned school with gas

The day before yesterday, on November, 20th, at the first lesson in Is mountain - the Altay school 13 children and teachers have felt a caustic smell.

- eyes have begun to water, in a throat zapershilo, cough has begun, - remembers the deputy director on uchebno - Irina DAVIDOV`S educational work. - all were frightened and alarmed.

It has appeared, it one of pupils 7 - go a class has decided to play pranks. Instead of sitting at a biology lesson, it walked about on corridors and swung gas ballonchikom Shock . From the third floor gas has instantly extended on all school. Evacuated children and teachers quickly, but 18 persons nevertheless have suffered.

- with poisoning signs to us eight senior pupils and the teacher have arrived, - Yury POTAPOV tells city hospitals managing therapeutic branch, - other children from averages and elementary grades have sent in children`s hospital. Their status was average weight, lachrymation, vomiting were observed, and the teacher even has got to resuscitation.

fortunately, now the status was normalised also all of them already have discharged from hospital.

For this wrongdoing (and consider it under article small hooliganism as a childish prank) it is necessary to respond parents of the hooligan: the teenager the minor. Most likely, they will pay the penalty.

- the boy - dvoechnik and the sloven, - have characterised the teacher of the infringer. - and likes to play pranks, not the first time huliganit.

the Consequence on this business is conducted. As have told in Office of Public Prosecutor, the republican ministries of public health services, by training, various city committees and departments are involved also. After numerous checks (including it is necessary to find out why the young man shirked a lesson) the authorities will solve - what to do further to avoid similar incidents. For now the guy goes, as before, on employment. Also it is not known that will climb up to it in a head next time.

the comment of the expert

Vladimir KUZMIN, the deputy chief of department of the organisation of activity of divisions on affairs of minors of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Altay territory:

- Such ballonchiki freely are on sale in each specialised shop. On a broader scale them should sell only to the persons who have reached 16 - summer age, but sellers do not ask documents us and sell goods all successively. Carry by in school this means of self-defence each schoolboy can. After all nobody examines portfolios, yes it and is not provided by the legislation.

what measures need to be undertaken, that similar cases of hooliganism did not repeat? In - the first to limit sale of similar means, to release strictly at a passport presentation. In - the second to toughen punishment for such tricks. Let parents of careless pupils pay for work of militia, rescuers, doctors Perhaps, then they will approach to education of children more responsibly.


Ballonchik aerosol Shock

the Chemical compound: gas on the basis of an extract from red pepper.

Action: at tear gas hit on a skin and a mucous membrane there is a chemical reaction between a skin and a liquid component of gas that calls allergic reaction and irritation of the top respiratory ways.

weight: 0,1 kg.

the Price: 139 roubles.

it is possible to Get in any hunting shop without any restrictions and permissions.

the help

In case of a gas poisoning:

1. At once run out on fresh air.

2. Do not rub eyes and do not wash out their water! It only will strengthen irritation.

3. In eyes drip albucid.

4. Urgently call Fast .

Dear readers!

And as you consider: a leah costs at an input in school to examine portfolios of pupils, to avoid similar incidents? Or it is necessary to apply other security measures? Call by us to phone (38852 63 - 78 - 59.