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In Mamontovsky area the first was born in its history trojnja

Natalia ZHAROVA from Mamontovsky area has presented to the village at once three girls in weight 1900, 1800 and 1700 grammes. Happy parents have given to the daughters beautiful names Alena, Alina and Anastas. However, mum and babes had to spend some days in resuscitation. But now it it is already better. Correspondents have contacted Elena Nikolaevnoj, the happy grandmother. She has told that, waited for one child. After all in a family on one line never was trojnjashek. - If twins also were, very much for a long time. Therefore, when grandmothers and grandfathers have learnt that at them will be fast not one, and at once three grand daughters at first have not believed. The future mum even had to show documents. And parents did not expect such additions : before ultrasonic too thought, one child will be born. - when the doctor has told that will be two children, at Natasha eyes were approximated! - Elena Nikolaevna laughs. - It has then appeared, what not two, but three. The administration of Mamontovsky area and Altay territory plan to give a gift to young parents. As it is the first trojnja for history of Mamontovsky area. - speak, they will help to pay the loan at a rate of 250 thousand the roubles, taken on acquisition of apartment by parents of girls, - Elena Nikolaevna continues. Businessmen of village also want to present gifts. While one is known only - the automatic washing machine. Certainly, to young parents not to consult one with three children. It is necessary to get hand in still. But to the aid grandmothers will come. And on a question, a leah you still plan children, Natasha has responded: - It is necessary to lift at first these, and there it will be visible.