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The cold winter on Altai will not be!

here also there has come winter. This year a weather us so razbalovala the heat that many with horror think of forthcoming frosts. Meanwhile the Altay weather forecasters assume that the temperature in winter months will not fall below norm.

- long-term average norm of December - 15 degrees, - they speak. - but is closer to New Year`s feasts there come cold days, the thermometer column falls to - 30 - 35 degrees.

this December will be same. In the beginning and sredine month blizzards can appear suddenly, and in the end of a month hardly - at moroztse the strong wind does not happen. As to deposits them too will drop out within norm, plentiful snowfalls it is not expected.

- at us severe winters for a long time already were not observed, - experts of hydrometeorological centre assure. - there is a global warming, and at the expense of winter months. In the summer the temperature does not change.

So do not think of terrible frosts - think of gifts by New year and Christmas is better!

by the way

What December in norm?

average temperature: the first decade - a minus 12, 8, the second - 15, 7, the third - 16,4

Atmospheric pressure - 757 mm/ a mercury column

Humidity of air - 79 percent

the Amount of precipitation - 32 mm.

10 days with blizzards

6 days with a wind more than 15 metres per second.

what there were anomalies?

the coldest December day - the minus 49,5 was 1938 to year, the warmest - plus 6,7 - in 1948 - m

the warmest month was in 1951 - m - on the average the thermometer column was late on a mark a minus 6,5, the coldest in 1877 - m - then on the average was a minus 27,4.

In 1947 there was the biggest atmospheric pressure - 785 mm of a mercury column, in 1968 - m - the lowest - 723.

Has filled up with snow Altai in 1905 - m - 73 mm, twice above norm have dropped out! And here in December 1985 - go deposits were not on a broader scale!

Well and well!

For last 150 years this winter will be the warmest on a planet! Such conclusions have made in hydrometeorological centre of Russia. Last year`s frosts - are faster an exception of the general tendency of warming, after all last three years the average temperature of air on globe raises in the winter - approximately from 0,9 to 1,3 degrees a year. The average temperature will be above not only last year`s, but also norms on 3 - 4 degrees in this winter!

and in the meantime

Road services prepare for snowfalls

As have told in city committee on operation of roads, an accomplishment, transport and the communication, all snow-removing technics is up in arm.

- To already available we have bought three more snow loaders, - have explained to us, - for the Central, Railway and October areas. They were really necessary! In Leninsk and Industrial area areas allow to throw out snow for road limits, and in other three it stirs inhabited sector, here snow load and take out.

speak, with sredne a statistical snowfall the available technics will consult, and if for 2 days 1,5 metres drop out - here no cars will help! Fortunately, plentiful snowfalls this year it is not expected.