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Gas has come to Biisk

Bijchane will not see gas because of the former mayor?

Opening gazoraspredelitelnoj stations has stood out for frosty, windy day. The high-ranking visitors have a little frozen, waiting for Anatoly KVASHNIN, the proxy plenipotentiary of the president in SFO. But after ignition of a gas torch and salute accompanying it - have got warm. Further the landing of guests of honour has gone in bijsky club the Chemist where have awarded builders, geologists, gazovikov and other caused a stir. The same day the train of politicians has left for Belokurikha. There has passed four-hour multi-region meeting concerning gasification of subjects of federation of the Siberian federal district. More than 100 persons have gathered to discuss gasification pressing questions. Among present there were governors of four regions: Altay territory, the Kemerovo, Novosibirsk areas, Republic Altai, and also heads of Open Society Gazprom Its affiliated structures, the building organisations, head of cities and areas of Altay territory through which territories takes place the main gas pipeline. Anatoly Kvashnin was indignant that inhabitants of Biisk have appeared are not ready to gas reception. In a city distributive networks for fuel giving in houses are not laid. Participants of meeting accused the former mayor Ivan Kichmarenko of it. Nevertheless, under the gasification schedule this year blue fuel should come almost in 1,5 thousand apartments of Biisk. It is planned that the general extent of the main gas pipeline Barnaul - Biisk - It is mountain - Altajsk with tap to Belokurikha will make 325 km. In 2007 gas will reach a resort Belokurikha, in 2008 - to Is mountain - Altajska.

That Altai will receive from a gas pipeline

It also additional investment projects which concern people, on whose territory pull a gas pipeline. In Biisk Tomsktransgaz One of the companies, participating in the fifth national project supports creative undertakings of children and youth.

Alexander Karlin at meeting has concerned a question of realisation of the project the Big Altai . About 450 kilometres of this gas pipeline will pass on territory of Altay territory.

- we count that in exchange the region will receive objects which have compensating character or will allow to develop edge economy, - he has noted.

earlier the federal authorities declared intention to construct two gas pipelines to China from Siberia. To create new pipeline system with conditional nazyvaniem Altai through the western border of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China. Russia plans to deliver to China 60 - 80 billion cubic metre of gas a year. Thus it is expected that the gas pipeline will be started in 2011. On one of versions, the gas pipeline will pass on territory of Republic Altai which in the south borders on Sintszjan - Uigur independent area of China. Extent Russian - the Chinese border here makes 54 km. Gasification is an important element socially - economic development of region. Use of natural gas will allow to solve large economic, social, environmental problems of region and to increase a profitable part of the regional budget.

the help

to Whom grants for gas

Proprietors of habitation are put get the equipment and pay a gas supply to the house. It will manage in 50 - 70 thousand roubles. By regional administration it is allocated seven categories of citizens support in the size of 20 thousand roubles on gasification appears which:

1. To participants, invalids of the Great Patriotic War and the categories of citizens equal to them

2. To veterans and invalids of operations

3. To the families having children - invalids

4. To Large families (nurturing three and more children about 18 years are elderly)

5. To needy alone living invalids, pensioners

6. To needy families of invalids, pensioners

7. To young families, participants of the regional target program Maintenance with habitation or improvement of living conditions of young families in Altay territory .

As the chairman of the government Michael Fradkov has signed the decision that allocated to owners of personal part-time farms within the limits of the national project agrarian and industrial complex Development credits can be used and on gasification of rural farmsteads.

that else plan to instal gas on Altai the next years?

Rubtsovsk, Slavgorod, village Kulunda.

Barnaul (gas pipeline building, maintenance with natural gas almost 40 thousand inhabitants), Biisk (gas pipeline building), Novoaltaisk (maintenance with natural gas more than 30 thousand inhabitants).

Building of a gas pipeline of a high pressure to gazoraspredelitelnyh points bijskoj thermal power station - 1, Open Society polieks Bijsky oleumnogo factory . Building of a pipe of the main gas pipeline Biisk - Belokurikha in the extent of a site - about 90 km.

May Day area (building gazoraspredelitelnyh networks), Pavlovsk area (gasification of two boiler-houses), Talmensky area (gasification of three boiler-houses), Kosihinsky area (gasification of one boiler-house), Troitsk area (gas pipeline building), Kalmansky area (building gazoraspredelitelnyh networks), Zone area (building gazoraspredelitelnyh networks).

From Smolensk to It is mountain - Altajska will be installed gas about 90 kilometres.

Village Soviet (will build gazoraspredelitelnuju station and to pull gazootvod), village Altay (will build gazoraspredelitelnuju station and to pull gazootvod), village Beryozovka (will build gazoraspredelitelnuju station and to pull gazootvod), village Ust - Amusing (will build gazoraspredelitelnuju station and to pull gazootvod).

Village Majma (building gazoraspredelitelnoj stations).

Figure of day

Over 2 billion roubles it is involved this year in edge gasification these are Open Society means Gazprom regional and local budgets, means under involved credits.