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Death of mother with the baby: the Medical error or a negligence?

Tatyana and Ivan Hrjachkovy waited for the son. The kid should be born in March, but the destiny has disposed differently: two weeks ago during carrying out of Cesarean section the baby was lost, and young mum has run in whom.

- all pregnancy Tatyana on what especially did not complain, - Ivan Hrjachkov tells. - Sometimes, truth, said that the stomach aches a bit.

23 - summer Tatyana before New year lay in Kamensk maternity home on preservation. Feasts doctors to it have allowed to spend houses, and then to return to a hospital. The woman was six months gone. On January, 9th Ivan has left for work (it works on local rybzavode koptilshchikom), and Tatyana in hospital was seen off by his brother Nikolay. It is more wife live did not see. Next day its mobile has become silent. Ivan many times tried to phone, but it is vain. Phone “ has died “. “ Has revived “ it only next day. The nurse has responded. She has told, that Ivan has immediately come to maternity home - the doctor needs to talk to it.

- I was met by the elderly doctor, - Ivan remembers. - she ordered to mix to the nurse water with a valerian, and has then told that my son has died, and the wife - in resuscitation. Ordered to come along toward evening - a pier, there will arrive the Barnaul doctors and will tell that with Tatyana and a leah she will live.

in the second time Ivan has gone to ill-starred maternity home with the brother.

- To us there was a doctor and has told that during operation at Tani heart has stopped, - Ivan speaks. - it stood seven minutes, then heart “ have started “ but in these minutes the brain was lost. Tani do not have any chance to survive. He has told to me: “ Prepare for the worst “. But I to the last hoped for a miracle though understood that it is impossible.

the Woman has spent in a clod even two days, and has then died.

Tanja and Ivan prepared for long and happy life: They have fallen in love with each other in the childhood, from the first meeting. Then it was for 12 years. Tatyana lived in one of villages of Pank Rushihinsky area. Ivan came to the next village to relatives, children met. Years later the children`s friendship has turned to strong love. And then Ivan has left in army. Two years has served in the Chechen city of Argun the senior marksman - the machine gunner. Tanja has waited favourite, and then he as early as waited a year, while it will end school. Have celebrated a wedding. The Katyusha soon was born, and it came to pass happy parents have reflected on the second child. Already knew that the son will be born. Even a name have chosen - Vladimir.

- why doctors so long did not tell us truth? - Ivan Antonina Nikolaevna`s mum exclaims. - the Daughter-in-law was in a clod, and they regularly took peredachki. And so proceeded four days! That Tanechka has died, we have learnt only next morning. And on January, 13th even anybody from hospital has not called us. Then to us have told - on January, 9th at Tani childbirth has begun. The child went sideways. At the daughter - in-law the strong bleeding has opened. For the morning on two “ Fast “ there have arrived doctors from Barnaul, but they already could help nothing.

now Ivan has got over in the house of the parents (with Tatyana they removed a small small house in the same street). Tries not to let the tiny daughter - to it year and three months. To speak it while the word " is able only; mum “. She yet does not understand that it is more never than it will see. Also that its brother will not be born. Ivan sadly smiles, trying to constrain tears.

in Kamensk interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor check has begun dosledstvennaja. Inspectors should interrogate everything, involved in this tragedy, especially doctors who were on duty this day.

- if it will be found out that in  destruction of the woman doctors are guilty, criminal case will be brought and guilty will punish for a negligence, - the public prosecutor of Kamensk interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor Gennady SHPUNTOV speaks. - the Preliminary version - narcosis overdose. On authentic it will be known only after corresponding examination. We after all not physicians, without careful research cannot make conclusions.

on the Stone - on - Ob awful hearings go: ostensibly doctors have admitted a criminal negligence, the anaesthesiologist was mistaken with a narcosis dosage, at Tatyana directly on an operational table heart has stopped, from it and the kid was lost. Doctors tried “ to start “ heart, but have missed and have pierced with a long needle a lung.

however this version is denied by the pathologist of the Altay regional clinical hospital who examines. To the correspondent “ by phone he has chilly told: “ the Fact of a puncture of a lung has not proved to be true “.

But the people close to medical circles of the Stone, say that the history of sorts of Tatyana was copied already by three times. And patients of maternity home in a whisper repeated that doctors that day celebrated a feast and were in fair podpitii.

- I so loved it … very much loved, - Ivan heavy sighs. - Even if the Office of Public Prosecutor will refuse criminal case excitation, I will achieve punishment of the guilty. I will have legal proceedings with physicians. Has already found the lawyer who can help me with it. Expensively, truth, but I will not regret money.

one of these days to understand it state of emergency, to the Stone there will arrive the special commission from regional Management on public health services and pharmaceutical activity.

as it became known “ the anaesthesiologist who gave to Tatyana a narcosis, have ousted, but it while is found out. We will watch development of a situation and an investigation course.