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In Republic Altai of the driver have fined on 100 thousand roubles

In August of last year the inhabitant of Republic Altai driving by village Majma, has exceeded speed on 20 kilometres. For what it was stopped also by inspectors of traffic police.

after short explanations militiamen have invited the man in the office car - to make the report on an administrative offence. The infringer has offered the inspector the transaction: 150 roubles and infringements were not. But the incorruptible lieutenant has flatly refused money and has promoted that the driver has been punished.

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Majminsky area for good reason undertook. And then the inspector has brought to the infringer accusation as regards 1 article 291 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation - for fulfilment of obviously illegal actions.

the unlucky briber tried to avoid court. He has declared that agrees with the charge shown to it and the fair sentence without proceeding carrying out asked to pronounce to it. Therefore the court passed in a special order - the proofs of fault of the defendant collected by the inspector did not consider.

the court has passed on January, 15th. Three federal judges were considered by all softening circumstances and positive characteristics of the driver and has decided to punish rouble - have appointed the penalty in 100 thousand roubles.