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In Barnaul will teach to drink vodka and beer!

In such eurobox to you not only will repair footwear on an European standard, but even will sew new with a shortcut It is made in Italy .

For what in Mountain Altai carts have put on penal parking remains a riddle. Probably for use of old numbers, and can be, for management without the rights. Or, the driver was drunk?

In one of offices of our city there is an index where steal. And at once in two offices. Therefore if there are superfluous things, do not hesitate, come. All will pass top-level.

Gas, oil, pipes? The Assenizatorsky car - here present Russian service

Probably, time in lives, but sent each person far away. Some enterprising businessmen have decided to make on it business. Now, if you want that you have sent far and for a long time, it is not necessary to suffer, and it is possible to come to the specified address, to pay money and you will politely send, without noise and a dust.

Usually the bank associates with money, but in this bank the garbage is convertible currency.

the Soccer team of our city has reached new heights - now they drive a ball not only on snow, but also between trading numbers. Defenders skilfully hide for trading tents, and gate with ease move depending on a direction of flight of a ball.

All the best for you - beer, vodka, shop and the educational centre - in one bottle. Here you and will teach to drink, and after diploma reception in shop skidochku will make as the professional.

it is visible, the refrigerating machinery with such name should involve additional clients in this cafe.

Or here grow up dwarfish horses, or businessmen have managed to drag them on the second floor moreover and to place in two offices. During a time to give a Nobel Prize for training.

Dear readers!

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