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Whom will start up in a border zone

Guards of border have sounded new rules which will come into force since January, 1st

the Order of FSB on the border zone limits, published in the summer of this year, has frightened thousand northerners which had a rest, worked or visited on a visit in frontier areas of the Polar region. A stroke of a feather of the director of FSB the border land in Murmansk area became wider in 3 - 5 times. It included large settlements: Nickel, Polar, Korzunovo, Kovdor, Alakurtti, Mica.

And in September there was one more order of FSB About the statement of rules of a frontier regime changing since January, 1st many positions of the governmental order of Murmansk area About a frontier regime and a border zone . Henceforth to establish rules FSB, instead of to local bodies is entrusted.

- All is the answer to the increased number of the crimes connected with a frontier mode and crossing of border (figures see more low. - Red.) . And still - the new problems which have risen before frontier bodies last years: fight against terrorism, transboundary criminality, the narcotraffic, - Alexander Zhekov explained yesterday innovations vrio the first deputy the chief of boundary management of FSB of Russia on Murmansk area.

the Order of FSB the border zone has extended and on a shore of Tersky area where the main fishing grounds involving thousand of tourists are located. But governor Yury Evdokimov directly has declared to the director of FSB Nikolay Patrushev inexpediency of inclusion terskogo coast in a zone . That promised to think and finish the law. So in it changes are still possible.

That will change in system of the admission with 2007

Despite border zone expansion, entrance and abiding in it have become simpler



Even those who has been registered in the Polar region, drove in a border zone only UNDER the PASSPORT And the ADMISSION.

the list of citizens which can drive on border zone territory ONLY UNDER the PASSPORT or other document proving the identity (to them became wider those who is registered in the Polar region concern).

to the Person who wants to drive in a border zone, it was necessary to SUBMIT PERSONALLY DOCUMENTS on admission registrations to frontier bodies.

Now FOR IT the inviting party can make it.

the Admission gave FOR THE TERM OF carrying out of concrete work, no more.

Abiding is authorised for the term up to 6 MONTHS And CAN be still prolonged for half a year.

Terms of consideration by frontier bodies of statements on admission reception were: 10 days for individual and 20 days - for collective.

Terms are increased till 30 days. Plus probably prolongation for 30 days. So think of the admission in advance.


it was necessary to ask the permission to work to territories frontier guards from the beginning of a border zone to a line engineering - technical constructions (5 - the kilometre zone adjoining overland border).

Now it is necessary to notify on it only. People in epaulets cannot interfere with activity of the enterprises.


Entrance of foreigners was carried out under the documents proving the identity, the admissions which are given out by frontier management or frontier groups and invitations, assured by local authorities (in coordination with frontier bodies).

the party Inviting the foreigner before a direction in boundary bodies of the petition for admission delivery needs to co-ordinate entrance with FSB of Russia (see Where to be converted behind the admission ) .


Where to be converted behind the admission

And it not all innovations and restrictions. More in detail, about new rules, about where already now to be converted behind the admission and etc., read on December, 12th.

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