Rus News Journal

Modestly, but it is fervent!

actor MTA Alexey Shramko married the soloist of ensemble Pesnohorki to Irina Borodinoj. They have got acquainted on performance rehearsals All about love the joint project of two collectives. Lesha plays Lelja, and Ira - plakalshchitsu. Prepared statement long, from May till November, 2004, at young there was time to make out in each other the half. The novel developed roughly and in the face of all theatre.

- we had a secret love to each other, and relations friendly, - the groom tells. - and this spring I have overcome stirring and have proposed during a romantic supper. We have decided to be together. On a scene have met, she and will marry us.

- Lesha unusual, in it is a lot of everything, - with pride the bride speaks. - it both strong, and strong-willed, and soft. It was pleasant at once to me.

certainly, on smart wedding at a newly-married couple of means is not present, actors - the people rather poor. But colleagues suited with it the present and unusual feast, without a semi-official organ - is simple and on - family.

- Lesha, main - be afraid of nothing! - skilled friends addressed.

Actors have organised on a scene mini - performance, have composed in honour brachujushchihsja a rap under which sounds on Alexey and Irina threw petals and rice - a fertility symbol. By the way, they already wait for the firstborn, the boy plan to name in honour of the father. Dream to present to it the sister later.

the employee of the REGISTRY OFFICE registered newly married too on a scene and after that was even wedding ceremony which actor Victor Sinitsin in the dress of the priest spent. He urged the young husband to swear that home it will bring the salary completely.

In MTA for the first time spend the big wedding. Prepared for it the whole world - someone all night long pickled okorochka, someone did salads, and someone went on shops behind beautiful ware and gifts for a newly-married couple. Have handed over them bed-clothes - a blanket, pillows and bed-sheets.

behind a festive table too has not done without creativity. Employees of theatre congratulated Iru and Leshu, vsjak on - to the. All together an impromptu was composed about them by verses. And actors who represented the angered Dzhigits, brothers of the bride were most of all allocated. They is dashing caracoled on toy horses, have forced it to do and the groom, and at the same time to dance lezginku. But it it seemed to them a little: to the aid called friends of the groom and girlfriends of the bride. Has not managed and without the present Caucasian toasts. Only after that brothers with quiet heart under shouts Bitterly! have passed the bride to the groom.