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Unattractive external appearance? From GAI you will receive vtyk

To us in edition the reader was converted, with the request to help to understand the legislation. When Valery came back home late at night, it was stopped by employees of traffic police.

- usual check, - tells Valery. - I even value have not given it, at me all documents in an order, I corrected I do not break. GAI officers have checked up all, when it became clear that to fine no trouble, have written out the report For unattractive external appearance also have directed on the administrative commission.

as Valery has told, recently it has got to road accident, and its car is puttied and prepared under painting, to it, most likely, it was not pleasant to employees of traffic police. In traffic regulations of such point is not present, but it has appeared that something similar is in the law of Altay territory on administrative offences. The lieutenant of traffic police has written out a copy of the report to Valery on a crushed paper with the torn off edges. the infringer Hoped that the administrative commission will understand, but to it at all did not begin to listen, and have written out the maximum penalty of 300 roubles. And on the request to sound, this law, to it have refused.

if strictly to follow a law letter the report can be written out on every second car. In the street a dirt, cars, leaving from a sink, become black through some metres. Pensioners who with summer season approach, will carry sprouts on old iron horses too can be fined. And after all three hundred roubles for them is an essential sum. Get under it and the drivers who have suffered in road accident. After all, if the fault will be established by court the car cannot be repaired before passage of examination and decision removal. It and so it is bad, and we also will fine them for the beaten car. It turns out that fashionable now aerografija, too out of the law. It after all infringement of factory colouring and if on traffic regulations there are certain norms Altay territory has brought the updatings.

while we prepared a material, one more driver was converted into edition with the same question:

- Me daily to have to go through a check point, - Andrey SHUBKIN, the driver shares with the experience, - and every day, for absence of a bumper the experiences, to me write out the penalty. I have got recently to road accident and simply I do not want to do a bumper, while in the street ice. It is simply a pity money, after all on slippery road I can have an accident again, money will be thrown simply out on a wind. And this law - simply whip-round.

dear readers, and you agree with this law? Call to us in edition on bodies. (3852 29 - 99 - 91 or leave responses to a site www. ALT.

the Inquiry

KoAP of Altay territory

Article 28. Infringement of instructions for use by vehicles

Using in city district (the cabin, a body are considerably polluted, details of a body are hurt and the cabin, vehicle colouring) attracts with the vehicles having unattractive external appearance the prevention or imposing of the administrative penalty on citizens at the rate from one to three minimum wage rates.

here that the driver by rules of traffic regulations should check up:

Point 2. 3. 1. Movement is forbidden at malfunction of working brake system, a steering, the drawbar (as a part of the lorry convoy), not burning (absent) headlights and back dimensional fires in a night-time or in the conditions of insufficient visibility, invalid from the driver a screen wiper during a rain or a snowfall. And words about external appearance of the car.

it is competent

Daniel BESSARABOV, the chairman of committee KSND on legality, the law and order and protection of the rights of citizens:

- Transgressions here are not present, as Altay territory as the subject of Federation can pass laws on a place which are not present in the federal law. The only thing, in this article: it is impossible to define accurately a side - where the car gets under this article and where is not present. It is the subjective factor and defines degree of infringement the employee of traffic police, and already administrative commission passes the decision - the person is guilty or not. For this purpose also the report is made. If the originator does not agree with punishment, it can appeal against against it in court or refer to article 2. 9. KoAP the Russian Federation at insignificance of a perfect administrative offence the judge, body, the official, authorised to solve business about an administrative offence, can release the person who has made an administrative offence, from administrative responsibility and to be limited to the oral remark . If all go by dirty cars, it that will be. Article is necessary, but here the action mechanism is not up to the end fulfilled. If employees of traffic police abuse this law it is necessary to complain, it is possible for us. After all at vypisyvanii the penalty they should consider weather in the street, circumstances and the person of the infringer. And then, after all the principal cause is a public security and if it is not present also the penalty it is not necessary to write out.

the Comment of the lawyer

Natalia BASSARGINA, the chief of legal department of Open Company a Themis :

- the Basic regulation on road are traffic regulations. Of what this law not clearly, after all those reasons which there are specified is formed, do not get even under norms of Rospotrebnadzora. Neither the dirty car, nor a rust, rumpled iron do not influence health, security and do not break public morals.

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