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The judge who has recognised Oleg ShCherbinsky of Evdokimova guilty of  destruction, disqualified

we Will remind that loud road accident in which the former governor of Altay territory was lost, its security guard and the driver has occurred on August, 7th, 2005 on a line Biisk - Barnaul. Governor`s “ Mercedes “ going to a passing direction with “ Toyota “ at the wheel Oleg ShCherbinsky (the worker of the railway) was which, after collision has taken off from a line and ran into a tree. Shcherbinsky then have brought accusation in the infringement of the traffic regulations which have entailed  destruction of three persons.

the zone district court in February, 2006 recognised Shcherbinsky as guilty and has sentenced it to four years of imprisonment.

business has received a huge public resonance, and after appeal giving to protect Shcherbinsky in the Altay regional court there has arrived known Moscow lawyer Anatoly Kucherena. The decision of regional court the railwayman was completely defensible.

And here now, the judiciary board has made the decision on the preschedule termination of powers of the judge of zone district court of Galina ShCheglovsky, has informed RIA Novosti news agency.

but as the chairman of board confirms, disqualification of the judge Shcheglovsky is not connected in any way with Oleg ShCherbinsky`s business.

- Check was spent concerning affairs during 2005 and 2006. In representation the facts of rough infringement by the judge Shcheglovsky the remedial law are stated by consideration civil and criminal cases. The qualifying board of judges of Altay territory has considered representation of the chairman of regional court of Victor Pashkov about attraction to a disciplinary responsibility of the judge of zone district court of Galina ShCheglovsky in the form of the preschedule termination of its powers as the judge and has made decision to stop its power ahead of schedule, - has commented Tatyana NAUMOV`S decision, the chairman of qualifying board.

to Phone to Galina ShCheglovsky and to receive its comments “ And it was not possible.