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Why schoolboys have agreed to become killers?

inhabitants of the house 9 on street Suhe - Batora discuss till now tragedy of this family. In such houses - nine-floor korobushkah - tenants as a rule do not know each other. About a family girls - murderers here tell and at all units.

- yes at us this family was not known also by anybody, - the senior Galina on an entrance tells, its apartment is just over that where friends of the girl killed her mother. - they removed apartment. Have lived in our house of month four. So with anybody have not made friends. About the father of the girl of anything bad I can not tell. Drunk it never saw. And here scandals at them happened often. Here and that day my husband heard, how swore - most likely, mother and the daughter because man`s voices it was not audible. And have then come from militia. On a broader scale, militiamen has gathered to us here much. Interrogated all.

have come and to Galina. The woman has learnt at once on a photo of guys which militiamen have shown. She saw them often in a court yard, at an entrance. Them suspect performed by the order .

Now inhabitants of this entrance say that the girl was the addict. A pier, on a scene militiamen have found syringes.

- here that at us think, - Galina speaks. - the daughter with friends of the family had a good time, and mother unexpectedly has found them. And can be have solved to prick for bravery. But when police officers have shown me a photo of the girl, it seemed to me that it not in itself - a strange, absent countenance, eyes poluzakryty.

last time Galina saw the neighbour before funeral of his wife.

- We as soon as have learnt, what suspect the girl of murder of mother, have thought - and can be, it a reception? - Galina tells. - I was not kept and have directly asked it about it. And he only has sighed and has told: Rodnee does not happen, a unique daughter, my favourite . I have taken an interest that it is going to do further, a leah will live in this apartment. He has responded: While to me not before, at first it is necessary to bury the wife . It was going to bury the spouse in native village Shadrino of Kalmansky area. Since then it at us did not see. Yes I think, it not soon here will return, and to live in this apartment not begins.


the Version

the Tenth-grader has gone on murder, that otkupit favourite

10 thousand he expected to receive for performance the order

About an entrance devjatietazhki, in one of which apartments the woman has been found out disfigured rezanymi by wounds, teenagers hung out.

- greetings, heard about murder? - We have greeted children.

- about it all city gossips, here recently on a TV set showed, - one of teenagers has carefully given tongue. - and we with Dashej on one staircase lived. They here have lodged recently, apartment removed. Said that complete own house to which should move soon. From - for doors where the vein of Dasha with mum and the stepfather rushed often squabble. Basically the stepfather shouted at Dashku, and recently and mother was connected, did not allow to meet to it the guy. But it not an occasion, that to reserve native, especially mother, - teenagers are terrified.

- Dashku the stepfather strongly offended, - Alena, the girlfriend of the girl has confessed to us. Said that it and to be pricked from - for this beginnings, I am more I know than nothing, get rid of me.

- if not you no murder existed! - teenagers have shouted to it and began to tell in eager rivalry.

in the beginning of January Alena has acquainted Dashu with tenth-graders of Pashas and Oleg who together studied at 84 school, only in different parallels. Gathered all company drank beer, smoked a grass, in general had a good time as were able. Alena from Pashas had a love, the guy of a mote from it blew off, flowers gave, on hands carried. In a class with anything especially it was not allocated, weak troechnik, the rare participant of school amateur performance. And here has fallen in love! Alena has complained to it that has fought with the girl. And mum of the offender, the employee of Office of Public Prosecutor observed all zavarushku from a car window (so it has been conceived). Or you pay to me of 10 thousand roubles, or on you will open case for causing of easy physical injuries of my daughter - the woman has declared. Alenka has told about the problems to Paul, and I have hinted supposedly I know how to get money. They will be given by girlfriend Dasha who searches for the killer, that to fill up the bored stepfather and mother for 12 - 15 thousand roubles. And after that all have learnt about the tragedy which have happened in a family of Dashi.