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In Peter with

Before winter vacation our newspaper carried out the action invent New Year`s story . Readers should write the story about the treasured dream and send to us in edition. The action partner - travel agency Good riddance has chosen the letter of Tani Murashko. She has composed the whole poem about the country of the dream - Switzerland. And thanks to it has received a vacation package to St.-Petersburg.

- let it not the Alpes, but in Peter I too never was! - the girl has joyfully accepted a message about forthcoming travel.

the cheerful company - 44 persons Has gathered.

At first have arrived to Moscow, were drove on a city with excursion. Have called in on Red Square, but the up-to-date skating rink has been closed, it was not possible to drive. Why - that the program of survey of capital sights included also Vladimir Zhirinovsky`s house (by the way, marvellously modest).

Next day already walked in Peter.

- There all such big, powerful, - are told by the girl. - it is a lot of bookshops. But it is very grey and it is gloomy. I there did not want to live, and to look interesting. And still... It after all a city - history of our country.

Tana very much liked Petrograd inhabitants, they have appeared much more kindly and is more sympathetic, than Muscovites. Have impressed it and the Hermitage where she saw hours with a peacock that show in prompts of TV channel Culture and a skeleton of a mammoth in the Zoological museum.

well and how not to be run on shops? By the way the prices have appeared much more below Barnaul.

the indelible impression at Tani remains from an aquapark. For 4 hours spent there, it was necessary to give 750 roubles, but the girl does not feel sorry about money: After all such entertainment in Barnaul is not present.

- But I was bought for a year forward! - Tanja laughs. - Thanks and travel agency Good riddance ! I will consider now photos and to remember this cheerful vacation!