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New year - in a new hat!

What to put on, celebrating coming year of the Fiery pig? To please this lovely pet, it is necessary to prefer colours of fire - warm shades red, yellow, orange, gold. And certainly - nice accessories. a season counter - you can sew a fashionable hat the hands. With it we will be helped by the master of the highest category of Murmansk technological college of service of Valentine Domkina.

the Pattern is given on a head grasp in 56 centimetres. Accordingly, it can hardly - hardly be reduced or increased.

For the New Year`s dress, the hat can be sewed from brilliant, bright fabrics. But on the same pattern simply to make and a warm hat of a fleecy fabric. It is necessary to increase only by some millimetres all the sizes long, specified on a curve.

What to be necessary:

0,6 sm of a fabric at width of 1 m of 40 sm, glutinous flizelin or dublerin. A repp tape. Needles, threads, scissors. The paper to construct a curve. Pins that it to fix on a fabric, a chalk. The sewing-machine, the iron.

How to construct a pattern

we Find details:

  1. On a paper we build a pattern under the scheme, we cut out it.
  2. we Impose a pattern on a fabric (the bend should go on a share thread in parallel a fabric edge), we fix pins.
  3. we Lead round a detail chalk, leaving allowances on seams 0,7 - 1 see
  4. It is found them on cretaceous lines.

we Sew a hat:

  1. we Duplicate details flizelinom or dublerinom. It podkraivaetsja on the size of the basic details also is pasted from a wrong side by means of the iron. The temperature of heating of the iron should correspond to structure of the chosen fabric.
  2. we Grind off seams of fields and a crown.
  3. Allowances of seams razutjuzhivaem.
  4. It is processed external edges of a hat obtachnym by a seam on detail edge on 0,7 mm (so that after a reversing cuts have appeared inside). We turn out and vymetyvaem. Fields priutjuzhivaem.
  5. we Connect a crown and a hat bottom, then - a crown and a brim.
  6. we Sweep off seams of grinding of details of a hat.
  7. It is sewn a repp tape from hat seamy side (on a seam connecting fields and a crown that the hat kept) manually - 2 is better - 3 stitches on everyone see