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While mum killed, the daughter had fun in a sauna

last Friday, on February, 2nd this year, across Barnaul rumours that to Dashu Petrov, which " were spread; has reserved to the friends murder of own parents, have released under a subscription about nevyezde. However actually all has appeared at all so.

- Dashu nobody released, - Vyacheslav ROSSHCHUPKIN, the public prosecutor of Industrial area has told. - Last Friday and to its accomplices accusation has been brought to it. Today all of us on this business pass materials in Office of Public Prosecutor of Altay territory. Now the department on especially important issues will be engaged in investigation of this monstrous crime. So the public prosecutor of edge because this business has got the big public resonance has solved.

as Vyacheslav Ilich, not has explained everything that write mass-media about this bloody drama, authentically. The public prosecutor of Industrial area has agreed to tell about all details of this awful murder.

who they?

Dasha never differed good behaviour. Studied badly, without interest. Quite often shirked lessons. Did not find common language with contemporaries. From - for it has replaced three schools. The grammar school with an orthodox bias became in this list of the fourth. At penultimate school the psychologist has noticed in behaviour of the girl something guarding and has advised to her mother to pass a course of employment. On some psychological consultations mum with a daughter have come, and have then disappeared - the girl have translated in a grammar school. Then the psychologist it has advised to them to be converted behind the help into the crisis centre for passage of family consultation. Already then it was obvious that in this family - serious psychological problems. Who knows, if mother and the daughter were converted into the crisis centre, maybe, at this history there would be other ending

Semja Dashi was outwardly safe. Mum with the father have sold a close flat and have entered share building. For now the house was under construction, rented apartment. But relations in a family all worsened.

from Pashas of Kulikovym Dashu girlfriend Alain who too studied in the same orthodox grammar school has acquainted.

- the girl complained often to the girlfriend of the parents, - Vyacheslav ROSSHCHUPKIN tells. - What to me with them to do? - asked its Dasha. And as - that Alain`s time has responded: Perhaps, the Pasha will find somebody who with them will understand . But most money was necessary to the Pasha, and he has solved to understand itself. To the aid has called the friend - Sergey Doronin.

both teenagers were from usual families, only recently parents have weakened control over sons. Paul at school disliked - it provoked often conflicts, clung to younger boys. And the school psychologist (later the guy has left this school in professional school, and then and him has thrown) who has noticed special aggression and the hostile relation to associates at the teenager has paid attention to Sergey. Parents had to follow recommendations of the psychologist - they built a cottage.

the order

- With parents at me relations from - for numerous interdictions, reproaches in my address have worsened, - Dasha to the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor then will tell. - the father and mum were against I wanted freedom more to walk, spend the night at friends. From - for it I with them had often quarrels From - for frequent scandals I had thoughts on suicide. Recently I wished, that the father has died.

not so long ago after one of noisy quarrels of Dasha has left the house and has spent the night at the girlfriend. Parents were there and then converted into militia with the request to find for the useless daughter. But next day it has returned itself. It already planned murders.

at first Dasha has reserved only the father. For three thousand roubles. And in some days has met Paul and has told that would be necessary to clean also mum.

- to fill up Than two will be more expensive, - he has told. - thousand twelve that together fifteen it has turned out.

Dasha has agreed, and friends have started to develop the plan. Have collected equipment - knifes, a stranglehold from a guitar string, medical gloves. Dasha has given them flat keys, and they have made duplicates. Have forced familiar fellows to pick up the used syringes, which local addicts leave on ladder platforms. And in 8 mornings have come home to Dashe. Parents customers by then already have left for work.


Dasha has opened a door. The Pasha and two guys unfamiliar to it has entered into apartment - Sergey and Sasha. (Now the consequence doubts, a leah he knew, what for there went. Therefore now Sasha is at home under a subscription about nevyezde. - a comment red.) . Young men were in medical gloves. Have laid out on a table two syringes. Dasha has taken an interest, what for. To it have responded: that militiamen have thought that murder was made by addicts. Now Dasha says that tried to cancel the order, but guys have threatened it: you Will agree now, we and you will kill . And the girl has closed apartment and has left.

about four days from work her mother has returned. The murderers armed with knifes, have hidden. Sasha the Pasha - in a bathroom, and Sergey in a toilet has hidden on kitchen behind the refrigerator. Directly from a threshold the woman began to call to the daughter. Abused Dashu that it has left to the grandmother in village nearby to Barnaul. Forced to return now - differently from - for adventures of the daughter will divorce from the father and then Dashe is necessary is unsweetened. Murderers heard this conversation. And then upset woman has come on kitchen and has seen Sashu. She has taken the first step, bathroom and toilet doors there and then have behind swung open, and murderers have rushed on the victim.

Under blows of knifes the woman begged not to kill her, has pulled out a knife from hands of the Pasha. But it is it has not rescued. When the victim has fallen, killers also have hastened to a door. But here the woman has begun to wheeze. Then Sergey cut to it a throat.

- probably, murderers were frightened of that have done, - Vyacheslav Ilich speaks. - differently why they did not begin to wait for Dashinogo of the father?

he has come back home after some hours. Has seen a body of the wife and began to call in militia. Its voice broke on shout. Even neighbours heard, how he speaks with on duty

And at this time

In that morning Dasha has not gone to school. The consequence has restored all its movement on a city and in the country. This day it has cheerfully spent with friends. The company travelled about on a city, was treated with shish kebabs in quite good cafe. Young men have gone to one sauna, then in another. By the evening the company has gone to village where there lives Dashina the grandmother. There, in one of cafe, her also have detained.

have then detained also the others. However, Sashu have soon released.

- It so is shaken by an event, - Vladislav Rosshchupkin speaks. - the Guy in shock. Speaks, did not know that goes to kill. And when it was found out that it not a joke, tried to dissuade friends from their bloody plan. And there, behind the refrigerator, thought: As though to leave from here! If only all has managed - here Sergey and the Pasha have changed the mind .


accusation under article 105 of a part 2 points " is brought to Sergey and Paul; and z the Criminal code of the Russian Federation - murder on preliminary arrangement and murder from mercenary promptings. Inspectors should establish, who has killed Dashinu mum: or one of killers, or both. One of them asserts that has not put to the woman of any knife wound. Dashe has got article 33 a part 4 - instigation to murder .

According to Vyacheslav Ilicha, father Dashi (by the way, native, instead of the stepfather) cannot come to the senses till now. He long could not believe that its native daughter has appeared is capable of the such.

- he tries to understand till now, why it has gone on it, - the public prosecutor speaks. - we have suggested it to become lawful representative Dashi, but he has refused.