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What is the current maintenance of habitation?

in new receipts on payment for apartment there is a column the current maintenance of habitation . Please, tell that enters into this concept.

Ekaterina Ivanovna Rassohina Barnaul.

on January, 15th this year the new list of services entering in " has been accepted; the current maintenance of habitation . It consists of 6 printing pages, more low we result it in the reduced variant:

1. Survey of the general property: carrying out of checkups and detours of separate elements and premises of the apartment houses concerning the general property.

elimination of insignificant malfunctions on intrahouse systems of gas supply, a central heating, hot and cold water supply and the water drain, concerning the general property:

change of gates, consolidation sgonov, elimination zasorov, stuffing of epiploons, installation of terminators - throttle washers, etc.;

Adjustment of cranes, small repair of a thermal protection, leak elimination in pipelines, devices and armature;

dismantling, survey and clearing grjazevikov air collectors, vantozov, the jacks, regulating cranes, gates, latches; clearing of a scum zapornoj armatures, etc.;

procleaning of a sewer plank bed in basements and technical floors;

prodab miniate putty of fistulas, sites of crests of a steel roof, etc.;

adjustment and adjustment of systems of a central heating;

washing and opressovka central heating systems;

removal from roofs of snow and naledi;

clearing of a roof of garbage, a dirt, foliage;

installation, replacement and restoration of working capacity of separate elements and parts of elements of intrahouse engineering systems of gas supply (the struts, regulating and zapornoj armatures to the first zaporno - adjusting cranes on taps of intraroom distributing).

2. Illumination of premises of the general using. Works and expenses for illumination of premises of the general using.

elimination of insignificant malfunctions on intrahouse systems of an electrical supply (change of the fused electrobulbs, change and repair of plug receptacles and switches in premises of the general using, small repair of electroconducting, etc.) .

Check of grounding of a cover of an electrocable, gaugings of resistance of isolation of a seeing-off.

3. Maintenance in premises of the general using of temperature and humidity.

check of serviceability of sewer extracts.

replacement of the broken glasses, windows and balcony doors in places of the general using and auxiliary premises.

warming of garret overlappings.

check of a status of prospirits in socles of buildings.

repair and strengthening of entrance doors in an entrance.

adjustment and ventilation adjustment.

working capacity restoration obshchedomovoj systems of ventilation and ventilating prospirits.

4. Cleaning and sanitary - hygienic clearing.

cleaning and clearing pridomovoj territories.

Posypka of territories sand during winter time as required.

cleaning of auxiliary premises.

cleaning of floors of ladder marches, platforms, walls, removal of a dust and etc. in staircases.

Clearing of trunks of a refuse chute and their loading valves.

deratization, disinfection of cellars, refuse chutes.

5. Gathering and export of a household waste.

gathering and export of a firm and liquid household waste, in t. ch. A waste from activity of the organisations and the individual businessmen using uninhabited premises.

removal of large-sized garbage from a building, pridomovoj territories and its export.

cleaning of container platforms.

6. Measures of fire security.

draught stock-taking in dymoventiljatsionnyh channels.

survey of the fire alarm system and suppression means in houses.

strengthening and procleaning dymoventiljatsionnyh channels.

7. Repair and operation of the lift and liftovoj a dispatching communication system.

The lift Maintenance - maintenance of safe operation of lifts, maintenance in good repair by the organisation of actions for check of a technical status of the equipment with a view of revealing of malfunctions, maintenance of a standard sanitary status liftovogo the equipment, action for emergency evacuation of passengers from a lift cabin.

lift operating repair - according to plan - the admonitory repair spent while in service with a view of restoration of working capacity of the lift and (or) maintenance of operational indicators, maintenance of serviceability and working capacity of the equipment and separate sites of the lift before the next major repairs, in t. ch. With replacement or restoration of the worn out details, sites, adjustment of mechanisms, carrying out of preventive actions, elimination of separate malfunctions.

lift maintenance service - a complex of works on maintenance of working capacity and the set parametres of the lift. Complex of preventive actions for maintenance of reliable work of the equipment between planned repairs and to reduction of total amount of repair work.

return my salary

I worked at factory, before New year us, 165 persons, have sent in holiday with salary preservation in 2/ 3. When on January, 27th we have come to work, to us have given work record cards with record that we are dismissed on reduction. Before to us half a year did not give the salary, and any severance pay have not paid. Where to us to be converted?

Victor Nikolaevich Skorednev.

Andrey SHKURKIN, the lawyer:

- the rights of the worker under the Labour code have been here obviously broken. First of all, it is necessary to be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor. After all under the new legislation the head who detains or does not pay the salary, is subject to a criminal liability. Three months prior to reduction of workers are obliged to notify in writing, and after dismissal to pay the maintenance within three months. In this time the person should rise on labour exchange where to it will find the work corresponding to its qualification and former earnings. If such variants are offered, but he will refuse three times, then the former employer ceases to list payment.

the statement should be submitted to Office of Public Prosecutor in that area in which there is an enterprise. Also it is possible to be converted into labour inspection on bodies. (3852 36 - 48 - 80. Besides, the affected party has the right to be converted into court. In the statement of claim it is necessary to list all points: the salary, the dismissal reason, the period in which the grant was not paid. After a judgement court enforcement officers will be engaged in the enterprise.