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Who will reveal a secret of a meteoric plateau on Altai?

to Altai will organise expedition

In number for January, 19th of this year wrote about meteorite falling in Uglovsky area. Scientists from St.-Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk, and the Moscow experts from the international organisation " have become interested in a problem; Kosmopoisk are ready to arrive to Altai in April. They have become interested at once in a mysterious meteorite which has completely disappeared in woods of Altay territory, and were ready to take off for prospective area of falling at once. But in January the strongest snow-storms have swept up woods and country roads.

- One of our representatives has visited Uglovsky area, - Vadim CHERNOBROV, the head of the organisation has told to the correspondent by phone. - has reconnoitered area, and, at the same time, has collected indications of eyewitnesses of falling of a meteorite. From the helicopter in wood it is visible nothing, all is brought by snow. At such layer to make out a funnel it is impossible. Therefore we plan expedition in April - May when snow will descend and it will be possible though something to make out. Now it is important to collect data on where and in what direction the meteorite fell: the area of its falling while precisely is not defined. Accuracy of calculation of falling assumed a place will depend on the sum of indications of eyewitnesses in radius of ten kilometres.

Unfortunately, one of the scientific organisations has become interested in Barnaul, except a planetarium in a meteorite. Its experts too gather for searches.

- We would organise for a long time already expedition to a falling place uglovskogo a meteorite, - Natalia PAVLOVA, the senior research assistant of the Barnaul planetarium speaks. - a problem that we do not have money for carrying out of such scale projects: it will be necessary to make district flight by the helicopter, qualitative a photo - and a video shooting. And after extraction of meteoric particles it is obligatory to carry out the detailed analysis on the modern equipment. If me will invite in structure of the Moscow expedition I will agree with pleasure.

Why they fall in the Siberian woods?

When the first material prepared for an exit, in edition the eyewitness of falling of a space body has called and has informed that the meteorite has blown up in air at it in the face of. Acknowledgement of its words is that fact that seismological stations of edge have not fixed soil fluctuations, hence, blow about the earth and explosion was not.

- If the meteorite has really blown up, and without having reached the earth it is possible to assume that in Uglovsky area the splinter kometnogo substances has fallen, - Vadim CHERNOBROV speaks. - Over the last ten years such falling have been fixed all in three places of Russia. For a science searches kometnogo substances are very actual. Interest consists what to find out traces such a meteorite difficult enough. Explosion in air leads to education Meteoric shrapneli which on huge speeds scatters every which way. Under blow there are trees and other natural barriers. Find out such space visitors different methods, including cut slices with traces kometnogo substances from trees.

- On a broader scale, I consider that we live in peace accidents. And the area occupied with cities, it is essential less area of fields, the seas and woods of our immense country, - Natalia Nikolaevna laughs. - Here also it turns out that meteorites fall only far from a civilisation. To a science cases when meteorites got to cars, at home and even people also are known. Our corner of the world is interesting from the point of view of singularity of falling of meteorites. We have studied time and places of falling of meteorites and have come to a conclusion that all cases had practically on the same place - the West of Altay territory. In edge territory some lakes have correct roundish coast. And so there is a version that such lakes were formed in places of falling of the meteorites which craters have been filled when - that by water. It turns out that in edge territory there is a zone which inexplicably draws to itself meteorites - some kind of a meteoric plateau .

- Theoretically it is impossible, - Vadim CHERNOBROV disagrees with it. - the Modern science while single instances such " are known only; coincidence . We can spend More detailed research only during expedition.

the Meteoric fever

Now in the West the big boom on meteorites. Large and small, but not always scientific expeditions go on searches of the fallen space bodies. Conduct excavation, take particles of meteorites, and then sell them through the Internet - sites or sealed bids. Representatives of elite of the different countries like to own though any particle of space. - Meteorites represent a great interest in the scientific world first of all because they are the carrier of the protogenic substance bearing to development of our Solar system, - Natalia Nikolaevna speaks. And already then it is simply beautiful stones, the analogue which is not present on the Earth.

Dear readers! If you became the witness of falling of a meteorite on January, 10th, will phone about the supervision in edition (3852 299 - 911 or to the electronic address fomin@altkoms. ru.

it is possible, your supervision can reveal a secret a meteoric plateau in Altay territory.

the Inquiry

the Uglovsky area is located in jugo - the western part of Altay territory. The village Uglovsky - an administrative centre of Uglovsky area - is located in 370 km to jugo - to the West from Barnaul. An area relief flat, in its territory 19 lakes are located, in a southern part passes a tape pine forest.

By the way

Most likely, the big expedition to Uglovsky area Kosmopoisk will arrange in May - June of this year. Active workers of the organisation invite volunteers to searches of the fallen body. Experience of attraction of tens and hundreds volunteers from among local residents at them is. The action will not have commercial character, anybody from volunteers not will neither pay, nor to receive money for searches. The found body is supposed to be passed gratuitously in the state museum (if splinters much - in museums) that it was accessible to researches. Want to join? Call in edition. will watch succession of events.