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Barnaul kaveenshchiki have hooked Maslyakov

And it means that now we them can to see often on the First channel and to be proud that the next talented children represent our city to all Russia - the mother.

Arsjusha Borodin, Vitaly Gasaev, Alexey Smertin, Ira Ortman here is far not the complete list of the people who have glorified Barnaul. Now and in a field of the most popular student`s game we had stars. At the Sochi musical festival « KIVIN » politehovskaja « command; the Joint project » has shaken imagination of the tempted editors of KVN and has received the invitation to participate in the First league.

And when euphoria from victory has a little ceased, and to humorists became not to laughter. There was a question: and on what to go? Matter of course that trade union AltGtU finance hardly will suffice on a trip to Nizhni Novgorod where the First league, and on other, necessary expenses this time has located. For example, it is necessary to employ authors and directors, without ideas of professionals on a TV screen it is better not to appear.

- All budget is already painted, KVN – it not our profile, - has told to us Anatoly LOMAKIN, the head of department on culture of Altay territory . - I am ready to substitute kaveenshchikam a shoulder, for example, to write the joint appeal to sponsors. It is necessary to search for money there – in banks, firms, funds.

If remember, well-known « Children of lieutenant Schmidt » which most part consisted of Barnaul citizens, it was necessary to support Tomsk which has supported them. Couple of years back chance to leave in the First league was received by a national team of Barnaul « the Fifth wheel » but money for a trip then was not.

And after all so it would be pleasant to see our fellow countrymen on the main comic scene of the country.

- Ill fame extends very quickly, editors very well remember all, - confidently speaks Michael GERTSOVICH, the producer « the Joint project ». – If we refuse participation in the First league in the near future to other local commands the way there is reserved. We will try therefore all variants. Except illegal, certainly!




Approximate budget of the team for a season of 2007

Game in the First league (Nizhni Novgorod):

Journey – 35 000 rbl.

Residing and a food – 70 000 rbl.

the Organizational payment for work of management and editors of League – 20 000 rbl.

Total – 500 000 roubles on four games if it will be possible to reach the ending.

Authors and the director for all season – 150 000 rbl.

the Trip on festival « KIVIN - 2008 » Sochi (January) – 200 000 rbl. (on expenses of this year).

the Total sum – 1 million 200 thousand roubles

Jokes from « the Joint project »


the Drunk tankman tried to climb three hours in a manhole and to leave on war.

the Butterfly - the something ephemeral took the credit for year.

It is counted up that if to collect all commandoes in one place they for three hours can break a head the nine-floor brick house.

Dear readers how you think, a leah is necessary to us KVN command in the First league? Or it is necessary to spend this money for other purposes? Call by us in edition to phone (3852 299 - 911 , leave responses to this site.