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Actress Sotnikova searched in Barnaul for grasses

Leading roles in the play have executed the known actress of theatre and cinema Vera Sotnikova conducting TV programs Club of the former wives and young actor Dmitry Malashenko. For it Yesenin became a debut.

from Novokuznetsk actors have arrived to Barnaul by the bus. On road joked that go to look bears in streets. A bear have not seen, and here the wolf has stolen a march. With pleasure have looked at statement of our Theatre muzkomedii the Juno and Perhaps and descended in banku in the evening.

- you at all do not represent, as all of us love a bath, - Dmitry has joyfully informed, - are ready to be soared every day!

on a broader scale, the capital troupe has appeared easy in dialogue and amicable. And as from tours they have conceived to bring the Altay honey and grassy gathering have gone to Moscow to walk across Barnaul and at the same time to buy something for health. By the way, took only local gathering and balms.

- We and in Moscow can buy Others, - has noticed Vera Mihajlovna.

And Vyacheslav Starodubtsev has told that when he was 12 years old, on film shootings in Anapa he has strongly caught a cold, and have cured it barsuchim fat. It is that the actor and searched in Barnaul.

Roman Viktuk performance Sergey and Ajsedora has passed on February, 5th in Theatre muzkomedii at almost full auditorium. The love story of dancer Dunkan and poet Yesenin as now all have learnt from a serial, is tragic and full of passions. So emotionally difficult the show at theatre seemed. And not all were delighted from mrachnovatoj Viktyuk`s statements: any special effects, bright scenery and suits, only strict black raincoats and some scarlet stains - scarfs. But Vyacheslav Starodubtsev`s singing songs on eseninskie verses and a chapel strong deep voice, gave to performance inimitable colour.

on a broader scale, it was pleasant to us.