Rus News Journal

Feet together, hands separately

the First time I have seen belly dance in Arab Emirates. The girl so delightfully moved the magnificent body that all associates have stood and throughout almost half an hour of dance could not take away from it eyes. Even prudish Englishmen have broken into a dance. A year or two from now in Lebanon in a disco I felt the outsider. And not because sharply differed from local population. Usual visitors of club easily did joltings and blows, and it seemed that they study belly dance from the cradle. I have decided to comprehend this science but then that time was not the next business trip was outlined. And, probably, the dream and would remain dream, if not competition among mass-media which was organised by the Barnaul studio of dance Magic of the East . Such offer a sin was to refuse. And next Sunday in a firm T-shirt I stood in the forefront.

it is not simple dance, - Irina LOBANOVA has told to us the head. Is also it is very useful for health. Here all groups of muscles are involved. By the way, during employment some illnesses, especially backbone diseases come to light.

with full confidence that I am healthy, has started employment. Warm-up has seemed easy, but plateaus blows and joltings in any way did not want to turn out.

- a hip upwards, and now we do a rocking chair, - Irina supervised over process. - is not present, not so - hips shake, and shoulders on a place. Here, good fellows!

during dances the teacher has told that selection competition will pass in one of known clubs of a city. To look at us there will arrive professional dancers from Egypt. And among them there will be one guy who is pleasant to all. At it the bewitching smile, and in dances to it is not present the equal.

- I will beat our manager on advancement, - was carried by at me in a head. Are they and more a floor of Barnaul will look on my clumsy a plateau . And what for I on it have agreed!

from a fright jolting has turned out, and a plateau at last - that became round. By the way, next day after employment at me the backbone was ill.

tomorrow we again go to shake stomachs and to prepare for performance. After all should defeat.