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the Express train has changed the person

On the Barnaul TV channel « the Express train » there were dramatic changes. Now it began to be called « to Conduct/ the Express train » style and the maintenance have changed, favourite leaders have disappeared, but there were new. We have decided to visit a television centre and to look from within that occurs, when television cameras and spotlights are not included yet. On a behind the scenes we were driven by Igor Golovanov, the executive producer of the channel.

- we have completely refused an entertaining announcement and have passed in is information - a public format, - Igor while there is a preparation for shootings of the new program « explains to us; the CULTURAL GLEAM ». – the Reasons not that there was a low rating, simply we need to change and develop.

the Ether of the seventh channel is divided now on two parts. With 18. 00 to 19. 00 on weekdays and with 14. 00 to 16. 00 on Saturdays the satellite channel « is broadcast; to Conduct 24 ». Its main advantage before competitors – efficiency of the information. Each 15 minutes there is a news release with the freshest news. The local announcement begins in 19. 00.

- the Part of a captive audience we have lost, - Igor regrets, - but have got new – they are more adult people 25 – 30 years which conduct active life.

Many constant televiewers have begun to worry: where film stars &ndash have got to; Glory of Spheres and Nastja Pervushina? We notice them here: they on a place also work. But now the new pavilion prepares in is information - hajtekovskom style, therefore direct the aether while is not present. It will return in March, in together with it and familiar faces, and interaktiv. In each program together with the invited visitors – people known and interesting - will discuss a vital topic from culture area. And spectators can take part in conversation through the Internet, phone or SMS.

- While in an aether there was one new program « the CULTURAL GLEAM » - continues to tell to us Igror. - there were also former headings about a fashion, cinema, the Internet and high technologies. Do not wait for boring news about the politician and economy, of them it is full and on other channels. « to conduct/ the Express train » is an information on culture in the widest sense: about cinema, theatre, music, youth subculture, night clubs, about stars and show - business.

we Pass in an equipment room where directors, sound producers and editors work. Here the teleprompter from whom leaders read the text. (And me always it seemed that they know each line by heart – E. G) .

Below, in studio, the TV presenter Anna Vetrova chides podvodki to plots, operators adjust chambers. The director gives them instructions in a microphone.

- « the CULTURAL GLEAM » – this mixture of cultural and secular news, - is in time will explain us Anja. – Two times a week, on Monday and Friday, we tell about the brightest and significant events in the world, the country and, of course, in Barnaul.

And here, the red bulb &ndash has lighted up; has begun shootings of the next transfer.