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Leah long skilfully?

the First association which comes to mind at words « a pipe » - a curiosity. When - that was fashionable to smoke for a long time a tube, to inhale aroma of tobacco. Fallen in love by much hero Sherlock Holmes did not leave this accessory, and it only gave to its image the charm.

It appears, in modern Barnaul there live many fans to smoke a tubule, another. It is original club under the name « Dialogue with a tube ». Come here communicate, smoke and compete.

the Multi-region championship on slow smoking of a tube passes already in the fifth time. For the first time the capital of Altay territory has collected fans to smoke from Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Kemerovo in 2003. Then anybody also did not assume that it becomes annual action. This year 38 persons participated in the championship. All of them represented Barnaul or Novosibirsk. In life - friends, and behind a table of competitions - irreconcilable rivals. In 2004 Barnaul citizen Ruslan Repkin has established a record of Siberia - 1 hour of 20 minutes and 30 seconds. By the way, till now nobody has exceeded this result. Our fellow countryman Oleg Klapanjuk became the champion of 2007 too. It already became the winner in 2005. Then its record was 1 hour 1 minute of 10 seconds.

- I did not have a desire to defeat, I simply wanted to communicate to friends, - Oleg has told during rewarding. – today my record has made 1 hour of 8 minutes of 50 seconds, but I could hold on and longer. I smoke a tube about 10 years, and here ordinary cigarettes I do not accept. The first tube to me was brought by friends from Moscow, I already bought others itself. On a broader scale, it is very convenient, relatives and friends always know what to present to a feast. At me a collection of tubes, I smoke houses from one, on work – from another, still pair of pieces always with me. Stirring was, but not from - for victories that is why that to the people is a lot of and all at you look. Next year I necessarily again will take part. Besides here give good tubes.

As the first prize the champion has received a tube in the form of a hatchet, made in Denmark. The price of such gift about 500 dollars.

the Unique representative of the weaker sex at competition - Olga Repkina, the wife of the champion of 2004 Ruslana Repkina, took in it part in the second time.

- last year my result for 3 minutes was better, this time I have held on 55 minutes, - Olga tells. – the husband has started to smoke, and I already have then joined it. This time I have overtaken it, it for me as the playing trainer. It was necessary to it to stop to smoke, as at me have begun to tremble hands, the spark was lost, and the tube has gone out.

to Olga have handed over a tube with a long mouthpiece, handwork. Cost of a gift about 15 000 roubles. Besides it it has taken the ninth place among men. All participants have received as a gift tubes from which smoked during competitions, and ten winners has received also lighters Zippo.

the Championship original, but nevertheless « warns: smoking is injurious to your health!


By the way


the cheapest tube which is on sale, costs 200 roubles, the most expensive - 500 dollars. But under the order it is possible to bring any tube. The Barnaul businessman has reserved firm Danhil tube. Tubes of this firm can cost as the good car. Sherlock Holmes`s followers are and among deputies both city, and regional administrations.