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All subjects study and about sports do not forget!

this educational year of three pupils of this grammar school there were champions of Russia, two – prize-winners of the championships of Siberia and the Far East and more two – champions of Altay territory in various sports (fencing, shooting, rhythmic gymnastics, skating sports). To children has carried: throughout many years lessons of physical culture and employment in sports sections are conducted by skilled teachers. For 50 years of existence   educational institution masters of sports of a steel of 28 its pupils. The schoolgirl 9 - go « And » Evgenie`s KLJUKINA class has received the presidential grant for achievements in sport.



  Thirty kind sympathetic hearts, living under the motto: « If it will be difficult – We always will help! » them know and sponsored kids and sponsored veterans love. The future champions Cyril Kachanov (fencing), Andrey Pupkov (swimming), Anastas Sysuyev (skating sports), Larissa Luchsheva (chess) Here study. And recently on Barnaul a rap - a sky there was a new rising star. The pupil 8 - go « became it; » Arutyunyan Has named. Its first album prepares for release. Children very much willingly spend free time together. For a class spring and autumn departures on the nature and trips on skiing lodge which always turn to cheerful feasts became traditional. And the indispensable participant of this feast the class teacher Olga Vladimirovna ZABALUEVA, the teacher of Russian.





6 - j « And »


Oksana Nikolaevna BUTRIM, the class teacher of sixth-graders, considers that it managed a well of talents. Heads this school collective the president and the cabinet. « we try to learn laws of life of adults » - children speak about themselves and the vital position. And more they very much want to be in time all: to combine study with the big tennis (Christina Ilkova), with boxing (Kostja Bindjukov), with hand-to-hand fight (Marina Golubtsova) and the composition of verses (Sasha Bojarinov). At leisure Xenia Kostin visits a theatrical circle, Vadim Vlasov – school   arts, and Dima of Stallions – sudomodelnyj a circle.








9 - j « In »


These children together 9 years. For all these years in a class there was a special atmosphere. The most remarkable teachers, truth, out-of-class actions children Here work love more than lessons. « also that would not speak, our class the most amicable and cheerful! To study in us it is not dull! » - with pride ninth-graders declare. Alain Valerevna`s LIHACHEVA class teacher has informed us that one of pupils 9 - go « In » Egor of ANTS became the winner of IX International festival - competition of I.I.Malanina on a balalaika class.










Dear readers if you wanted for a long time and did not dare to tell in any way about the most remarkable and amicable class time has come to carry out the intentions.   give a gift to the schoolmates and teachers – tell about them on pages of our newspaper.




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