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In Volgograd night clubs will pay heavy fines for sale of alcohol to children

the Problem of sale of alcohol to children costs already very much for a long time. Law enforcement officers How much do not fight, and careless businessmen nevertheless aspire where - that to bypass the law. This night employees PDN and uchastkvyj the Central area of Volgograd have begun check of institutions with ill fame.

In the first, night club Star have found two 17 - summer teenagers who sat at a little table with a bottle of vodka and alcoholic kokiejlem. On a question to employees of an institution why children not only have started up inside after 23. 00, but also sold alcohol, those only muffledly responded: Thought, they already adult . Administrations on a place not okashchalos, therefore have written out the report on the waitress who served   a children`s little table.

- As we have found out infringement for the first time while the waitress and the owner will pay penalties. The girl as the physical person - from 3000 to 5000, and here the owner already as legal - from 80 thousand roubles to 150 thousand, - have told organizers of spot-check.