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To 200 - to a summer imprisonment term to Gelman have added as early as 25 years

the American court past Wednesday recognised as guilty the immigrant from Ukraine Maxim Gelman in drawing of the knife wounds 41 - to summer Joseph Lozito. To 200 - to summer term « the Brooklyn maniac » which business has called a wide public resonance, have added as early as 25 years of prison.

the Tragedy was played in February of last year. 24 - summer Maxim has quarrelled with mother then killed the stepfather. On it the young man has not stopped. Took a parental car and has gone to visit the girl who is no time has refused to it. It too has killed her, and has still pinned up her mother. Then Gelman has hijacked two cars, having wounded drivers. On one of cars has brought down to death the pedestrian. « the Brooklyn maniac » has gone down in the underground and there has attacked Lozito who has shown to it resistance and has helped police to detain the criminal.

« I hope, you will decay in the chamber. At you it is full of time to consider it, therefore enjoy » - has wished the offender Lozito.

Maxim Gelman immigrated together with mother in the USA in 1994, later 11 years have given them the American citizenship, informs RIA Novosti news agency. The young man was the addict, was engaged in spread of drug addiction in Brooklyn. Has been recognised by made.