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The prize-winner of the World championship on free-style wrestling has spent the master - for young fighters from Kansk

Sportsmen of Academy of struggle of a name of Dmitry Mindiashvili have spent a class the master - a class for young fighters of Kansk. To share   experience with children the champion of Europe, the bronze prize-winner of the World championship on free-style wrestling of Zaur Bataev and the representative of a national team of edge on female struggle Yana Pevcheva have solved.

About hundred pupils – volniki, classics, judoists and sambisty from 9 till 17 years with admiration and respect listened to all about what it told the master,   and then under their control they have started to participate   in sparringah.

  - Us have very fine accepted, – has shared the impressions of Zaur. – We have seen many children with the burning eyes, ready to grow and achieve successes in the sport. All our dialogue passed in warm positive conditions. I as the trainer poluchilogromnoe pleasure. I think, such the master - classes will be claimed, and them provedeniev cities and edge areas will enter into system. We will notice that the master - a class in Kansk was trial. Further similar vstrechis participation of representatives of Academy of struggle will pass and in other territories of edge.