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In Khabarovsk territory the man for transportation of 6 kgs of marihuana

the Citizen of Krivosheyev is denounced have detected in the act in the end of November, 2011 onboard a fishing schooner « Valentina » in port the Soviet Harbour, informs a press - service UT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on DFO.

the Schooner went from settlement Nelma, among its passengers there was a man of years 40, as well as all the others with luggage. In Sovgavani aboard schooners have risen employees of transport police. Having seen guards, the man has suddenly jumped up and has jerked on an exit, having thrown the load. Marihuana which Krivosheyev carried with itself became the reason of such behaviour.

the inhabitant of the Soviet Harbour has broken Konopljanye of a plantation as it was found out, around settlement Nelma. All the summer long the man carefully looked after plants, and in the autumn the reaped crop has dried up, has packaged in bags and has decided to transport in Sovgavan. A grief - the truck farmer also did not suspect that already is under supervision of employees of FSB.

When Krivosheyev have detained, he has tried to convince field investigators that bags with hemp not it, but other passengers have amicably assured policemen of the return.

One of these days Soviet - the Havana court recognised 43 - the summer citizen of Krivosheyev guilty of manufacturing and transportations of drugs in especially large size. The man can tell has carried: has got off with 4 years conditionally.